How to watch replays

Hi! So is there a replay mode in this game? I have seen it mentioned and saw some patchnotes about it, but i cant find anything ingame and no other info about it.

Its like its hidden on purpouse and difficult to use. Tryed to serach other threads about it but nope, its like its not there at all.

The replay in MSFS is a beta. It was developed to be used by the developers when making the trailers. It was added in MSFS, as-is, at the request of the community.

There is a wish here for features you’d like to see implemented for a replay system:

The only instructions are here:

It’s Beta, Experimental yet, but let me say that it’s great. Not easy to use, but look for some tutorial viedos on YouTube and use it. When you learn, you will like it.

Ty for the answers! I found it and i have started to uSE it and its quite great!

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