How useful are the options in model.cfg actually?

As far as I can see, all the bundled aircraft, and the marketplace add-on aircraft that I have (like the Aerosoft CRJ and the Ju-52), use withInterior_showExterior=true and withExterior_showInterior=true.

Is there any good reason to ever not use those settings then? What was the original thought, was it expected that especially complex aircraft set them to false (to save on geometry bandwidth)?

If you would use withInterior_showExterior=false , then you would still need to include those parts of the exterior that are visible from the cockpit windows in the interior model, right? Depending on the aircraft, that can be quite a large part of the exterior. Has anobody bothered?

It says in the 1st line at the end (for now)

So i suppose that there will be some changes made in future, maybe with multiple screen setups
But im not sure

You would use these as FALSE when you want to make the aircraft model to be used as AI traffic. You don’t want to fully render the interior cockpit models with working instruments for AI Traffic because they will make your CPU process a lot harder unnecessarily. Instead using them with FALSE will give them a blank plain cockpit interior without anything being simulated, so it saves your FPS performance.

This is one of the reason why I had to restructure my entire collection of 100+ A320 liveries. I have to restructure them so that the same texture folders can be used for both default A320 and A32NX aircrafts.

On the A320 side, I also have 2 model.cfg files. One for the flyable A320 with everything set to TRUE. And the other for the A320 AirTraffic with everything set to FALSE.

Since I also use this mod for my Ground Aircraft and Live Traffic models, setting my livery collection properly with these separate models is important to have them spawned as a Generic Air Traffic with matching liveries and barely impacts FPS.

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Ah thanks, that is a good explanation indeed.