How was this missed (I reported it during Beta)

I noticed this issue and reported it during the beta period, and seems to affect some of the newer AMD cards. (Mines a 6800)

As seen in the picture when using DX12 apron tiles and taxiways have this issue with the textures. Only cure is to revert to DX11.
I deliberatly picked an Asobo airport this time to show it is not a 3rd party dev issue.

My PC Specs: Amd Ryzen 5800x3D 32gb Ram, Radeon 6800 16gb GPU, Msi Pro 570x M/Board.

I hope this can be rectified.


Issues in the beta that were not fixed, will be moved into the main bug reporting category. Please give the team a few days to get all these moved.

If your topic did not get moved, then send a private message to @moderators

Thank you!