How will dueling simulators work?

Anybody have an answer to this post?

I think it’s to do with the cloud based content. I.e. 2020 will still run, but 2024 will have a different dataset and different services. Simply they aren’t going to shut the 2020 services down straight away, so they will continue to function for a period (as yet undefined) so it will still be “supported”
Most installed content in the sim on your PC and Xbox should work on both platforms initially. (I.e. addons)

I suspect the rules that allow you to run the sim and your content in one instance at any given time, there isnt really a ‘dualing sims’ nature. You can only be on one at a time (unless you have two accounts I guess).

I hope the many questions surrounding FS2024 release will be answered in the upcoming developers’ livestream. This will be the first livestream for a long time, and of course the first since the announcement of FS2024.

The very vague statements we’ve had concerning the future of MSFS (giving FS2020 its original name) have been very disappointing, but perhaps reflect the uncertainty within MS/Asobo. With the new release about a year away, not allowing for possible delays, there will be much they haven’t even thought about yet. So I for one am not really expecting much clarification. However, I would be surprised if the support they promised for MSFS (and this really was a promise) lasted more than a couple of years.


Am I the only one who thinks FS2024 might be released this year before Christmas?

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Likely you are as it was already said that it will be a release for next year. Due to the history of flight simulators it might be in Q4/24.

About the “dialing” - that’s nothing magic.
MSFS2024 will share the same code base as the current version in many aspects. They do not reinvent the wheel here, so things like seasons will be able to be backported to some extent.

Also MSFS2024 will use the same raw data from services like Meteoblue or Bing - likely even the same cloud servers. So if something is updated on this end (like new tiles) it will end up in both versions.

The difference is that more data which is currently local on the MSFS client side will also be provided by these servers (e.g. POIs and other 3D models) to be temporarily download by the new client of MSFS2024. This content will be ignored by the current version.

That would tie in with the console update thats not officially happening yet. Makes sense.

I highly doubt it’s coming out that quickly. Mid to late 2024 is my guess.

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Wishful thinking, there hasnt been an alpha/beta yet if there will be one and details so far have been very sparce. offical xbox shows coming 2024 also Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 | Xbox, I assume maybe august 2024 :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t they call it MSFS 2025 if it was released in (mid to late) 2024?


Ill hop on this Crazy train :))))

You’ve missed my point. Why is a newly named version needed? Answer: sales. The market for the existing sim is saturated.

To repeat - is there anything in the “What We Want” thread that can’t be implemented in the 2020 version? (Read my post there)

Also, parallel (or as I jokingly call dualing) “live” products doesn’t make sense operationally or financially. It seems like more of a “red herring” to hide a hidden agenda.

I’m fine with buying a new version that contains/offers what’s in the WWW thread. Happens all the time with other products. I look forward to it. But be up front with us about the future of the 2020 version.

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Jorg said they probably will have a playable version at gamescom 24. so it will be end of 2024 at earlyest.

They’ve been quite clear so far:

  • the existing road map on 2020 will be completed (which runs out at the end of this calendar year)
  • 2020 will continue to be “supported” (meaning services work: you can log on, fly, use multiplayer, and buy things in the store) for an unspecified amount of time

By this it should be clear that no new feature development will be happening on 2020. If you want new features and new bug fixes, you’ll get them from 2024.


Its probably core stuff. MSFS was never intended to be what it is today. It makes no sense to spaghetti-code around an outdated core for multiple years. If you want progress, you sometimes have to go a step back, rip out what is not optimal, keep whats good, and make a fresh start. Otherwise, there is still P3D/FSX, which is 16 year old code with very minimal progress every year.

So its better to make this already old core futureproof. There is stuff in it that doesnt even exist anymore and is limiting us already. We have reached pretty much the limit of what is possible in many aspects.

Single core limited
Max. Addons in communityfolder reached
Max objects that the engine can display at the same time, reached

Makes no sense to squeeze a dry lemon forever…


I didn’t miss your point. I was avoiding your point. You’ve posted about a hundred different reasons why the new sim shouldn’t exist and most of those reasons by your own admission aren’t even yours. Thats very strange.

Yes. Sales. what a concept. What is wrong with ‘sales’? Sounds like a good way for MS and Asobo to keep bringing to me and others something that is very dear to me (and others).

Sales. Im all for it.

Anway - I sincerely hope you start seeing the bright side of the inevitable future because you cannot kick against the goads - whatever that really means.


I think you are right.
I also think that if they can prove that the majority of the available add-ons for msfs2020 will also work in the 2024 edition, more and more simmers will make conversion to MSFS2024 over time.
It depends on YT reviews to convince the mass to invest in the new version.
For me, it’s pretty obvious that I will jump to MSFS2024 pretty soon after the release and if succesful, never touch 2020 again, uninstall it and thus, save a lot of local storage space.


So if FS2024 is not out till late 2024, and (apart from the instrument updates form WT) no feature updates in that time for MSFS (2020), and few fixes for the bugs in the current version (with all the work going into the new release), and with third party developers also looking more towards the new release - it looks like there’s going to be a whole year with nothing much to post about.

Unless of course, Jorg pulls some sort of surprise out of the hat in the upcoming dev livestream.


I don’t suppose they’re gonna give us MSFS 2024 Insiders Edition :wink: :wink:

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