HP Reverb G1 vs G2


I was on the fence for a long time about VR feeling that I didn’t want to spend much of my flying-time tweaking and being annoyed with various issues/versions of the G2 that were described by many. Finally went for a really inexpensise, used G1 to try it out and with plans to perhaps upgrade later on.

Six months later I’m still blown away by VR + MSFS, what an amazing experience it is to actually be in the plane. Despite shortfalls and some minor issues I’m totally hooked and when occasionally using 2D I realize there is no going back for me.

I use the G1 in a 10700 + 3080 setup and I’m generally very happy but can’t help thinking about the G2. Would appreciate it if someone who went from G1 to G2 could share some experiences on if they thought it was worth it? I’ve read about some improvements in clarity and better colours but also about the sweetspot on G2, is it similar or smaller that on the G1?


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I have been using the G1 for years and since day 1 of implementation of VR for MSFS. Given what I read, I don’t think the differences between G1 and G2 are so big to warrant exchanging the G1 for a G2. Essentially they share a lot of advantages and shortfalls - with one essential difference: the cable. From what I read, the G2 has a flexible cable which in the new version can even be switched off. The G1 cable, as you probably experienced yourself, resembles an elephant’s trunk, or is even more sturdy as this one and really nasty.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any possible replacement for the G1 cable.

Optically, there don’t seem to be big advantages/disadvantages.

I had a G1 for a couple years - really appreciated it even with WMR issues - and then excitedly ordered the G2 when it was first available. I tried it but (some say the lens quality control was not consistent ) for my eyeball shape, the sweet spot was smaller than the G1 in that yes, it was clear for the inner 25% but more blurry for the rest. I sold it within the first month and was disappointed. My G1 cable finally gave up - so time to look for other solutions and HP isn’t one of them.

Thanks for the feedback!

Given your input and the current local price of USD 1000 I think I will give it a pass for now :slight_smile: