HP Reverb G2 and AMD - HP UK not very helpful

I purchased an HP Reverb G2 from HP UK directly last week. I had no idea there were any issues with AMD motherboards, but relied upon their website, which said their headset is compatible with Ryzen 5 or later and Radeon 5700XT or better.

I did, however have major connectivity issues and contacted HP Support. The told me to email the Post Sales team at HP UK.

Here, for the unwary, is my conversations with HP Post Sales Support. Draw your own conclusions and make your own judgement on the outcome.

I think this is the politest way to say “Go to hell, we’ve got your money” I have experienced

The headset has arrived, but it is not recognised and the USB connection drops frequently. It is not usable.

I understand that there is an issue with the Reverb G2 not being recognised by USB ports on AMD Motherboards?

I have an ASUS Prime B450M-K motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor and an AMD Radeon RX5700 XT

I understand that the cable supplied as standard with the Reverb G2 is not appropriate, and that HP knows of this issue and can supply a cable that is compatible with AMD equipment.

Could you check this problem, or pass my issue to HP Support to get this matter resolved please?

You supplied the L72080-001 (Revision 1) cable. Apparently the only cable that works with AMD equipment is the L72080-002 cable (Revision 2). This later revision has been available for at least 4 months.

Thank you for your email to HP Store.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some technical issues with your HP product and we want to direct you to our HP Technical Support team who will be happy to assist and support to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Please contact our experienced Technical Support team under the phone number:

Dear Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch, we apologise for the delay!

As the cable which you have received is the standard cable which comes with the product, we cannot replace it as we have sent you the correct items which you purchased.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you need further assistance please feel free to get in touch with us.

I have screenshot of the Specifications required that are shown on your website which formed the basis of my decision to purchase


The specification says the Reverb G2 VR Headset is compatible with:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 equivalent or better (I have an AMD Ryzen 7)

Cards that typically run Reverb at full resolution: AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT, AMD Radeon™ 7 (I have an AMD RX 5700XT)

The cable you supplied is not compatible with motherboards that run the Ryzen 7 processors. That is why you have a Revision 2 of the cable.

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent HP Store experience.

We are sorry to hear that on this occasion you were unhappy with your experience, we want to assure you our team are working to resolve any issues at the earliest opportunity.

HP Store values all feedback and are committed to making any relevant changes to allow us to keep delivering world class products and services to our customers.

Thank you for your email and for providing your feedback.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

As advised the cable which you have received is the standard cable which comes with the product, we cannot replace it as we have sent you the correct items which you purchased.

The below information shows what is in the box-

HP VR Headset, 6m headset cable for desktop and mobile PC’s, 1 DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort™ adapter, 1 Power Adapter. Setup document.

Awesome. I have an Intel board, and it has issues in menus, and jumps, or jitters in flight……

So mine is back in the box, and back to fly with Valve Index…… I think even when you buy more stuff and get the other cable, if you read all the G2 posts, lots of people do not have a smooth experience with MSFS and the HP G2.

Best of luck going forward…even after you spend more money on the new cable… It will play nice with Aerofly 2 and DCS, but these games are not MSFS….

Phone them up, not a pleasant experience but I got 2 replacement v2 cables ( they’re not as robust as they’re made out to be).

Cable is on its way now. No cost. I did warn them I would broadcast my experience!


Received my replacement cable for no cost. All is well now. Seems they are sensitive to exposure of their intransigent attitude to customers.

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