HP Reverb G2 - Assign joystick button to "Flashlight"?


I’m running the HP Reverb G2 and the Alpha Yoke and would like to assign a joystick button to turning on/off the HP Reverb “Flashlight” effect. (For clarity: I am talking here about being able to see your desktop whilst still having the headset on rather than a light control within MSFS).

I’m assuming I have missed something obvious here but would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction (I’m in the dark here - see what I did there ? :slight_smile: )

Many thanks,

I’m not sure you can do it directly, but what you can do is map the windows key to a button. Then when you’re in VR, the windows key will pull up the wmr application window and at the bottom of that window is the flashlight, so you just ckick it with your mouse.

Hold Windows Button on the controller for about half a second then:

  • press and release Right Trigger to take a screenshot.
  • press and release Right Grip to toggle the “flashlight mode” on for this controller
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The G1 reacts to a voice command to do this, say…
Torch on
Torch off
…this should do as you say… I guess you may need check you headset mic is setup correctly in windows and for that matter there may be other settings for the VR headset - not at my PC at the moment to have a look.

My Reverb G2 only uses the ‘flashlight’ with the controller.
I have to point the controller to look around. Maybe I need to change a setting?

Wow you learn something new every day! I had seen this Flashlight Effect once before and it scared the bejesus out of me, thought my HMD had died! Think I panicked and unplugged/plugged back in to get rid of it.

Now though having learnt the above I can freak the wife out when she enters the room, she likes to sneak up on me when I’m flying…the tables have now turned!


For the HP G2 the commands are:
“flashlight on”
“flashlight off”
And my wife was “freaked” too !!!

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