Hp Reverb G2 cable busted

Hp Reverb G2 stop working and was getting an Error code 4-1 Usbc 3 not connected. Hp said the cable was not working and had to send me a replacement cable. I found this video and he says you can not unplug the cable from the headseat. The proper way is to unplug the power first and then the usb and hmd because the connetor to the headset will burnout. https://youtu.be/9fjLzyKabxw

Is that how you damaged it? unplugging the headset first?

Mine has repeatedly pulled itself out while putting the headset on (folding down the hinge pulls the cable hook back, dragging the cable with it), and works fine once I push the connector back in, so this doesn’t appear to be guaranteed outcome (or maybe I’ve just been lucky).

That said, this is a rather amateurish design flaw on HP’s part. I now leave a significant amount of extra slack between the hook and the connector itself, which prevents these disconnects for me. But the cable slack will slowly work itself out over time, so I have to pull some extra cable through every day or so.

One more item on the pre-flight checklist :slight_smile:

I printed one of these and it keeps the slack on the end of the cable constant.
HP Reverb G2 Holding Cable Clip by Danol - Thingiverse

I printed it the day I got the G2 and the cable has never disconnected.

I’ve found that 3D printing is an indispensable ancillary hobby to VR and flight simming.

Welcome on board…I had the same issue. It’s a pitty, that HP sells this buggy product

I’ve been using the clip that came with the Reverb. Anything wrong with it?

I don’t know but I have unplugged it from the headset before.

I keep my G2 plugged into the display port and plugged in all the time. I unplug and plug in the USB as needed. It’s probably all wrong but the back of my computer isn’t easy to reach (I’m OLD) and I just hang the G2 on the wall when not in use.

My G2 feels hot when I leave it plugged in when I am not using it. I am afraid it will burnout.

I routed the USB3 cable to the front of the computer because I occasionally have to put it into a different port. So, after each session I unplug the USB3. After that the unit powers down and doesn’t get warm, at least mine doesn’t (I live in a warm climate).

I leave mine fully plugged-in but shutdown the Mixed Reality Portal when not using. The “hp” light on the front of the headset stays on, but the displays turn off and the device doesn’t get warm.