Hp reverb g2 error after 3090 upgrade

Just found out my verion 2 cable comes im today. I step colser to less headaches

Being an intel user (like me) what lines could I use to convince HP support to send me a V2 cable? Thanks

I did even contact support, I just bought mime.I Didnt feel like dealing with the phone hassle of virtual help then getting put on hold and then wait. But you can just tell them you have a x570 motherboard with a 3900x. Just saying.

The one thing for me about the v1 cable is that it doesn’t seem to seat very firmly in the USB-C port on the back of my computer. Don’t know if that’s the quality of the USB-C port as provided by Dell or the male USB-C connector on the HP cable? Does anyone have any relative opinions on the fit of a v2 cable into a USB-C motherboard port as compared to v1? BTW, I find the same lack of snugness for the USB-C port (I think it is) and cable provided to plug into my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke - it’s easy to knock loose if I don’t watch it.

Problem solved with ver 2 cable. To further bullit proof connected ver 2 cable to pcie with c pott. Flawless Victory.

The V2 cable isn’t currently listed on UK store - anyone in UK been able to get one?