HP Reverb G2 Headset cable clip

Back when I was considering a VR to play MSFS, I read a post about the headset cable. I cannot find the post so I’ll ask:

The cable runs through a clip at the back of the headset, I suppose to reduce the chance of pulling it’s plug out of the socket and to get it out of the way. The clip is flimsy and keeps popping off the headset.

Didn’t someone here find a better way to secure the cable? I considered a cable tie but that would interfere with the padding.

A small ring of Velcro works pretty well.

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Thanks. I have some heavy duty Velcro somewhere in my stuff here.

As mentioned above I use a small velcro cable tie. I don’t feel it at all and it backs up the clasp nicely.

I use a loosely tightened black cable tie and it doesn’t interfere with the padding in a major way.

What I didn’t see before but now I can in good light, the inside of the lower strap has notches cut out to better grab the clip. It feels pretty secure in there.

I had it dressed along the top strap and the clip just grabbing the strap.

I’ll try that for a few flights first then go to a plan B.

I suspect you all have tried it there and still went to those alternatives when it didn’t hold during use.

Forget about the lousy Reverb 2 cableclip, i use a 3 tyraps Tyraps and they work great!

Yeah, one cable tie for me on the bottom as I never pull out that awful plug on the headset. Works a treat.

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