HP Reverb G2: OpenXR Toolkit Color Settings

Just got a G2, but it seems like the colors are a bit washed out…almost as if there’s a perpetual screen glare. The colors seem a bit flat and the image looks over exposed.

In the OXRtk, there’s the ability to change colors, contrast, etc though post processing. I’m wondering what settings you folks with the G2 are using. I turned down the contrast and exposure, and it seemed to help, but the image is still…off.

Here’s a good place to start MSFS | OPENXR TOOLKIT UPDATE | BEST VR SETTINGS - YouTube

Thanks, I did see those settings, but to no avail. Still looks way too flat.

Try the preset called Light. TruNite is also good but makes the sky purple.

I’ll try those out too. thanks

Yeah, the sunglasses make all the difference. Would be nice to be able to map it to a flight stick button, so you can change it easily when the scenery changes.

I have shared some settings in the main thread:

I hope you like it.


Lookin good so far! In the middle of a night flight, will check a day flight later. Thanks, much better at night already!

The sim is really true to life. If you are flying mid day in full sun it can get washed out. That’s why the sunglass options are nice.

When the sun and weather cooperate to make things pop you really appreciate it.

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