HUD and menus are very far

So my problem is the following.

I don’t have a beefy PC, with Oculus Link and ASW I can run the game where it doesn’t look terrible and it is at least somewhat stable. 1660 Super can’t do much.

I lowered the rendering resolution, and can’t go too high.

The result is that I really need to lean into menus and the HUD in general to read them. This could be easily solved if I could bring it closer to me as default, unfortunately I couldn’t see any settings when it comes to this. The virtual screen when in the main menu in VR mode is also pretty far in the Oculus Dash environment so this might be an Oculus problem.

Does anybody have any solution for this problem?

In the settings there’s things for “cockpit camera”. You can move your position in the cockpit. Bind some buttons to those controls and use them when you need to get closer to see something. Under the “VR” section of the controls there’s a control to reset your vr position. That might be helpful too. Basically I reset my vr postion and reset the cockpit camera whenever I start a flight. This puts me in the proper position. Then use the cockpit camera controls to move around. Reset the cockpit camera when you’re done moving around.

Left Alt + up arrow key move you closer. Left Alt + down arrow key move you farther. Just arrow keys move you up and down, left and right.

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