Huge Frame Rate gain

Hi All

Has anyone else noticed that when you open one of the items in the above option bar in game like VFR Map or weather then press the middle button of the open tool to pop it out and minimise the window you get a frame rate increase? It would seem the more you open then minimise the windows the higher the frame Rate, check out my screen shots!AvhaFIyOy2kBgoERbEKibNNNfgNEHg?e=b9P6Rx , the micro stutters seem to be much more minimal.

I’m Running a Ryzen 7 1800X @ 4.0 ghz, RTX 2080S and 32gb ddr4 3000mhz and i’m normally averaging 25fps @ 1440p Ultra settings in the A320, but since doing the above my frame rate has shot up to over 100fps with 4 windows minimised.

Have a go and see what you think.

Maybe some of the more advanced can explain why this is happening…

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My oh my…

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Can’t wait to try it this evening!

Does this actually increase FPS or is the FPS tracking program just reporting it incorrectly? I notice whenever I pop out an item from the main bar (e.g. nav log) I get about double the FPS reported (e.g. 45 :arrow_right: 90), but I don’t think I’m actually get double the FPS.

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This is just some issue with the fps meassurement tool (it seems to meassure the separate windows), no fps gains by doing this. It was mentioned during the alpha/beta stage too.


indeed. But nice try :wink:

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Having said that, flying from London City airport around London landmarks where the sim normally struggles I noticed a huge improvement in performance where I would normally struggle.

I tested this with the Steam overlay FPS display - I noticed zero change in fps no matter how many windows I minimised…

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Yes, this is a well known issue for tech alpha peeps, but supposedly it’s just a frame counter issue, not an actual bump in performance.

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I can confirm after reading what you guys are saying, with the Dev Mode FPS counter it shows no increase…Was wishful thinking