Huge performance increase

About a month ago I noticed how much better this sim performed. I’m specifically talking about the in-game menus, load and un-load time for flights. I always had good performance in-game since I built a relatively high end machine when this sim was first released. I don’t know what happened but my flight load times are less than 30 seconds and my un-load times are 5-10 seconds at most. Sometimes even less than 5 seconds. These load times are incredibly different than a year ago. I recall flight load times taking upwards of 60+ seconds, sometimes more. I’m thrilled for these changes. It feels like as soon as the xbox support was released the sim started performing so much better.


Yep, Sim Update 5 brought some pretty incredible improvements for me as well. Both load times and framerates, especially glass cockpits.
In scenarios where glass cockpit rendering was the limiting factor I can literally now literally get 120-130 fps whereas the cap was around 70 previously. Those are of course best case scenarios (simple scenery, no traffic, no MP) and aren’t really ever seen while playing.
However I’ve seen very notable improvements in typical playing scenarios as well. Frankly SU5 made me feel the sim was playable whereas I didn’t really previously… Especially not in airliners.


Yep, we could go make some tea, do the laundry or read a book before while waiting for the sim to load :sweat_smile:


grabs popcorn

I too have seen an increase and I’m happy with the graphical fidelity.

could use a tweak or two but overall its great imho




That’s nice for you, you better tell Asobo they’re wasting their time fixing the problems you think us and they are imagining.

I’m really not sure by now what people think they are achieving by coming here to brag about how they’re not affected by the bugs. All they are saying is that they have no interest in anything more than a terrain viewer so to them it doesn’t matter if ATC doesn’t work, turbulence isn’t there, crosswinds are barely there in approach, storms and weather radar are irrelevant, you can fly a Cessna through a hurricane, photogrammetry is broken, the world map is broken, flight planning and selecting an approach when atc assign it is broken, live weather is broken, AI aircraft are broken, etc etc.

These are all factual issues being worked on by the developers that are fundamental, they are real and I have no idea how you can play a flight simulator and not be affected by them. Fine, if you just want a terrain viewer, they exist even without MSFS, but don’t criticise those still waiting for a flight simulator.


Knock off the personal characterizations folks. Focus on the topic, not on each other. I’ve already yanked disruptive posts, a few more and this topic is shut down if folks can’t adhere to the Code of Conduct.


You waited 27 mins

smh my performance is in the tank. Its so choppy panning around outside view or in the cockpit. I have no idea what happened. I have kept the same settings for a while and I remember being very happy a couple of months ago


where did I say there are no bugs? I get CTDs etc. Still having fun though.

overall, for me, the game has improved.

there are a few blockers which may rear their heads now and then but, for me, the game’s decent in the main.

however, I’d never dare assume that others don’t have a far more problematic time than I.


my apologies, i didn’t realise there was a time issue. :wink:

I had that a short time after SU5 launched, when I updated my GC driver by uninstalling the old one first the stutters went away. My theory is that all the tweaking I had done in the Nvidia settings might have caused it, as I haven’t touched the default settings since and the sim is smooth as butter.

Well, I was expecting some kick back as there are some who refuse to believe some of us are enjoying the sim.

any time I post about the fact that many of my flights are mainly issue free I tend to be accused of “shilling” or denying that there are issue with make the game difficult or impossible to play which I emphatically am not.

yes, my grabs popcorn may have been a bit daft but can’t be construed as a denial of issues.

as the mods point out, let’s not make this about you or I, rather let’s make it about how whilst there are issues that there’s still fun to be had.


I wasn’t bragging. I was expressing my happiness with the performance upgrades that I’ve experienced. I assumed everyone was seeing the same.


I too saw a big leap in fps, the update has pushed the sim to be my go to VR flight game since its release.

the fact I can fly over a fully photogrammetry London plus modded details with a decent frames and looks is astounding to me compared with any other sim I’ve flown over the decades

su5 did bring problems but it also, for me, bought “playability”

OP, I don’t see your post as bragging, rather your personal experience to which I can relate.

its OK to have fun and post about it.


I totally understood what you meant when you said you were grabbing popcorn. There are many here on a mission.

And I also did not think anyone was “bragging”.

That’s part of the problem with the internet, right? That mostly people come here to whine, and those who are happy, are just doing their thing. I’ve been getting really frustrated with how negative the forum got recently. I was happy to see a positive post. Thanks.


Running better than ever on my system. I mainly fly the Flybywire A320 in VR.

Sure, things can always improve.

Note to people having problems: I’m not denying current problems by enjoying the sim in its current form—there are plenty of threads to pile on to already. Why make everyone miserable? I think everybody can agree that our Asobo got the message LOUD AND CLEAR after the SU5 update. Relax.


Yep, how dare simmers ‘‘whine’’, spending over 100 pounds on a sim that has a lot of enjoyment squashing bugs, both on pc and xbox. I do love this sim when it works well. When it works as it should work…

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Yeah, same here. The menu feels way more responsive to me too. Sadly I get really quick unloading to the desktop mid flight :frowning: So I hope Asobo keeps this good part and find a way to fix the game’s unstable parts. At the moment I cannot use it at all

Regarding the loading time, the main impacting factor on my setup is activation or not of MTL/CSL IVAO plane library :frowning: Nothing for free…’

Exactly the same is happening to me! Suddenly, frame rates (particularly at airports) are super low, almost slide show-style, and only a bit better during cruise.

It started a few days ago, affects all planes, and I have absolutely no idea why.

If I can’t fix it soon I will open a thread on this topic…