HW upgrade: best cost benefit ratio

Hi, I’d like to ask a question regarding a possible HW upgrade.
My focus is on having a smooth VR experience (currently owning a Rift S headset but aiming at something better in the future).

My current system:
i7 10700 (non k) 32GB @3200, GTX1080Ti 11GB, AIO liquid cooler single 120mm fan, 650W PSU

Option 1 - keep current LGA 1200 MoBo:
buy i9 11900k - cost 400€

Option 2 - switch to gen 12th:
buy i7 12700k + MoBo Z690 D4 - cost 620 €

Option 3 - change GPU:
buy RTX 3080Ti + PSU - cost 1400€

What is the best one at the moment in terms of cost benefit ratio?
Better to wait for NV 40x and/or intel 13th?

I can’t say for VR but for a new system for regular screen 1440p I’d go with 12400f, 3060 Ti and 16GB 3600Mhz DDR4. You can add more power on top of that, but you can’t beat the cost performance. And once 13th gen with the expanded L3 cache (which MSFS likes) comes around you could buy 13400f on the same mobo and will still probably maintain superior cost-performance compared to beefier 12th gen Intels even if you don’t manage to resell the old CPU.

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Option 3 - change GPU:
buy RTX 3080Ti + PSU - cost 1400€



Agreed. VR is GPU limited, even with the best GPU’s out there. I have a non-K i7-10700 with an AMD RX 6800XT (Basically the AMD version of the RTX 3080) and I am fully GPU limited when running in VR on an HP Reverb G2.

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