Hype Performance Group & Developer David Amenta - Airbus H135 Helicopter

Very nice new features ! I tried that on my favourite test run : Miramar - San Diego


Thank you so much for adding a Quick Start Guide. While it’s not (yet) a manual it contains all the basics for getting the copter going! Very well done. And worth another donation towards the project.


Thank you very much, flying it is better but the rotor blur texture is still there, a fix to it on this forum is definitely worth a donation from me to your project. Matthias kindly sent me a link to the missing pilot which worked great.
Best wishes


Auto pilot doesn’t seem to work oon new update, for me. .80 it kind of worked. I would go to DCPL and ity would hover to altitude and turn to heading.

Any changes?

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Tokyo is a great roof hopping area in this game, most tall buildings have helipads.

Someone saw me doing that tonight, and they tried most GA aircraft in trying to follow me. Probably saw some default bonanza as my aircraft and was confused, lol. Hopefully they figured out to check the forums, and if they did and are reading this, salute to you with that, i think it was the carbon cub, landing on the roof, very impressive. :smile:


You might want to consider supporting this:
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


The kind folks over at PC Gamer were kind enough to recognize our work :slight_smile:


" The current mod falls down when you try to do uniquely “helicopter” stuff like a standstill hover or or horizontal translation."

Nice to have the exposure but typical PC Gamer, they either can’t fly or were using an outdated version of the mod.


Can someone please explain why AP set to 600 and shows 600 but copter flying at around 500, and this is over the ocean.

They’re not wrong, though. Even on “advanced” this is an Xbox-grade flight model. It’ll be a lot of fun for the average user to hop around in, but anyone looking for a decent helicopter experience won’t find it here.

And in all fairness, the developers themselves admit in their ‘known issues’ section that the flight model is a long way off. So, we’re not knocking them for their efforts, just being realistic about the current flight model.

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Anyone else’s autopilot go into dolphin mode with ALT hold engaged at cruise?

AP is still in very early development, this will be cleaned up in future patches - we’re aware of the issue :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I wasn’t complaining, just making sure it wasn’t something I was doing wrong. Cheers!

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No worries at all!

The flight model might not be perfect yet but they highlight hovering and horizontal translation as issues and to me these are both as good as the other parts of the simulation. This tells me they were using a very old version of the mod which did have these particular issues, or they didn’t even bother trying the mod themselves and simply went off some old forum posts.

They may feel good enough for you, but helicopter fans are going to expect a lot more from the flight model. Which I can only assume is why PC Gamer felt the need to point it out.

That isn’t what I said.

I said they were as good as the other parts of the simulation as it is today. They weren’t before and this is what PC Gamer chose to highlight so somehow they went off an out of date version.

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And like I said, you may consider that good. But helicopter fans won’t. Hence them making a point of it.

Whether they’re using an older version or not, I don’t know, but I downloaded it a couple days ago and their observations remain valid.

Again you misinterpret what I said, I’m talking in comparison to the other parts of the simulation as it is today.

But whatever.

It’s fine guys, we appreciate everyone being so supportive and defensive of our work though!

As long as people find out about us and try the heli for themselves we’re sure they’ll come away impressed and satisfied with their download :wink: