Hype Performance Group & Developer David Amenta - Airbus H135 Helicopter

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1.1 Changelog ???

So, what exactly is the $42 version that’s on sale now?

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Am I the only one who experiences this weird twitching in the flight model, especially on the yaw axis? It’s driving me nuts, to the point that I don’t enjoy flying the helicopter anymore, unfortunately.

I noticed that twitching a few version back for the first time, but I have no idea if it’s an actual problem with the helicopter, or something that an MSFS update caused. It’s not my controls. I already tried with a maximized dead zone on the rudder pedals, where positively no input is send to the sim on the rudder/yaw axis, but it keeps jittering.

It’s kinda hard to see in the video, due to the compression and all the keyframe mumbojumbo. It’s much more noticable in the sim.

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I get a horrible lateral jacking of the helicopter fuselage in forward flight.

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Anyone running into an issue where landing is sometimes causing a crash condition to be triggered ingame (if you have crash damage on)?
Noticed it a few times with the new 1.0.1 version where when landing in rainy conditions, sometimes a crash is registered ingame. I had it once after landing on a runway and then proceeding to land on a parking spot. And then again when landing in the grass in front of the base of the statue of liberty, something i’ve done dozens of times previously in older versions with no issue. Again, this was in rainy conditions.
Not sure if this is due to a change from the recent h135 update or recent sim update. :man_shrugging:

edit: figured it out, it seems like crash sensitivity has been turned up if you land unevenly (one skid touching before the other).
was able to recreate it in this quick test:

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Can you check that you don’t have autorudder on under Assistance (all hard), and that you are on the modern flight model and not legacy? I do see it in the video, like it’s aggressively holding a heading but it shouldn’t be doing any such thing.

EDIT: I was able to reproduce your issue, but I think it is covered by the guidance above. Please check:
MSFS Flight model: MODERN
MSFS Asists, PIloting: HARD

If those don’t resolve the issue for you I will investigate a deeper fix. I’m sorry you are seeing this and no longer enjoying H135, it absolutely should not be happening.

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Thanks for pointing this out, we needed to update the ground interaction for SU4 and created this bug as a result. It’ll be fixed in the next build on Discord. Thank you!


Thanks for looking into this. Yeah, my flight model is always on “Modern” and I always have all the assistance options set to off:

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Ok, I will take another look. 110kts and slight crosswind. It shouldn’t be happening.

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awesome, thanks !

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very good model but several items that should be fixed (or at least for the commercial version)

  1. rotor disk animation is quite invisible, even black rotors are visible under decent lighting conditions
  2. rotor disk is flat, should have some thickness as collective bites into the air
  3. panel glareshield not blocking gauge light emissions, gauge image projected onto the windshield
  4. tops of gauge bezel reflecting external light, should be blocked by panel and glaresheild
  5. panel texture is pure black, no texturing
  6. default eyepoint is low, especially noticeable in vr. also glareshield angle is off? can’t see over it without moving eyepoint way up

ok, some knit picking, sorry.


Yup, very noticeable and very distracting. It’s put me off flying it as well.

Also the latest version absolutely crushes my FPS. No other version of this Heli has had such a performance impact for me. It’s by far the worst performing aircraft in my hanger now.

It’s gone from being my favorite aircraft to a thoroughly unenjoyable experience that’s now going to collect dust in the hangar.

Doesn’t fill me with confidence for the way overpriced payware thats coming.

EDIT: Just tried it out again in the same place i tested the latest version a couple of days ago and performance was fine. This sim is so inconsistent it’s very hard to troubleshoot potential problems at times! Still, the H135 is still very jittery, most noticeably in yaw. Nothing i change does anything to stop that behavior. and there’s no other aircraft, either fixed wing or the Bell heli that does this.

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Thank you for checking on performance, I appreciate that. I have done quite a bit of performance work around 0.93, there is also a batch file in the root of the package that will configure 3 of the screens and extra stuff to OFF. This helps some low end users. It is true that earlier versions (say 0.8 range) had worse and worse performance due to the glass cockpit.

I have studied the CoherentGT performance guide (the framework Asobo uses to render the glass cockpit displays) and now understand how to correctly do avionics without incurring additional unnecessary costs. The H145 will have better performance because of this, but I do believe that both my work and the recent SU4 update have made good improvement. Using the FPS Meter (enable dev mode, options menu), you can see the CoherentGTDraw charge, which (not fully) helps in assessing where the poor perf is coming from.

As for the flight model yaw issue–we are still actively looking into this. I am not able to reproduce it outside of the aforementioned settings but am still working out a way to smooth it out. I have a theory, and will keep trying until it is resolved.

Thanks again everyone and for the patience.


I would like to see the rotor disk (on the ground) tilt as the cyclic moves, it helps when doing a sloped landing.

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Changelog 1.2???

Full 1.2 changelog below:

  • Fix a small visual defect in one of the liveries
  • Update the quick start to reference APCP setup
  • Preventing an assistance tip from showing up regarding landing gear
  • Enable escaping L4 if previously saved (just press the tile)
  • Increase the amount of impact on one skid required to cause the game to trigger a crash
  • Mark GTC as amber/INOP since it is not engaging fully and is causing confusion

I spent some time on the yaw issue and did find that I could induce it. On Discord there is a build that has a fix for this specifically when over 40kts and hand flying. AP heading hold is still far too aggressive and any time it is on (including low speed AP without any upper modes engaged) it will also have some yaw oscillation.

I did a number of other flight model enhancements so those who participate on discord will test this and soon the release will go to flightsim.to. I wanted to update and let everyone having the issue know that at least some relief is coming.



Just had a short test flight from Dundee to Edinburgh with the new dev build and overall it seemed great. Didn’t notice any yaw jitter, and performance was generally good apart from a continuing issue described later in this post…

I did have a strange issue a coupe of times where it wanted to roll to the right for no apparent reason. Never seen that before in any build. (controls were fine and calibrated correctly. Hand flying with all AP functionality off) Also pedal input seems way less sensitive in this build…not sure if that’s intentional or not?

The only real issue left for me that I’ve had all along with the H135 is a micro stutter (every 4-6 seconds, observable on the Afterburner frame time graph) that causes the nose to twitch in time with it. I cant recreate this behavior with anything else i fly in the sim. it’s definitely unique to the H135 and the only thing left that’s stopping me committing to pre-purchasing the H145. It drives me nuts :smiley: and i find myself always going for the Bell 47G when want to fly helis because its always a flawlessly smooth experience.

Thanks for your continued hard work.