I adapted the FSX Franz Luftahrt Paramotor for MSFS... and its awesome!

Hi Guys,

I am a big fan of paramortors and back in FSX I owned the very nice Franz Luftahrt Paramotor. MSFS being a perfect platform for VFR flying, I tried my luck cand converted the paramotor and it worked…ish :slight_smile: It’s full of bug, texture are not that great and the few instruments are not working, but the overall experience is still very enjoyable !

Here is a short video:

Before any debate, I purchased this add-on for FSX and this export is for my own use. I don’t plan to share it or do any tutorial.

We really need Asobo to create decent gliders and paramotors for the platform ! With VR, it’s gonna be even better !


Looks great. I loved flying that in fsx and even tried to email Franz to see if he was making it for FS2020. Never heard back. Appreciate you being respectful of his copyrighted work, but can you tell me if you used the regular conversion tools that are out there? I haven’t tried them yet, but would love to use the paramotor on this amazing scenery . Thanx

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Hi @FLYINGkeys65 yes I used these “regular conversion tools” :wink:

Why not just email the guy and ask him if you can post the adaption to flightsim.to? It was freeware for FSX anyway wasn’t it?

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It would also be neat to have the emergency parachutes in airplanes like the SR22 and A5 operational. I wouldn’t mind sky diving either.

Is the canopy actually modeled correctly? Does it collapse?

I haven’t been able to get it to work in VR

I really liked their addons in FSX. What ever happend to them?

Hi, nope it was a payware and already emailed Frantz. No reply as of today.

Hey everyone. I built a PPG simulator in 2009, and I’m looking to use Frantz’s PPG model in MSFS. (I purchased it back when I was using FSX some years ago). I performed the import into MSFS, and the model looks pretty good (other than the wing not deflatinig), but the flight characteristics are terrible (and unfortunately I lost my aircraft.cfg files that I created for FSX). Has anyone updated the flight cfg file in MSFS for this model?

Maybe you could boost the file from the MSFS adapted Aircreation trike. That thing flies more like a paramotor than a weight shift trike. :rofl: And Yes, I have owned and flown both in real life.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look at the config files for it.

I did manage to find and modify some of my old FSX config files to better adapt Frantz’s model to MSFS, and I’m tracking my updates on a FB site specifically for this: MSFS Powered Paragliding Paramotor VR Simulation | Facebook