I always wanted to see Istanbul in VR!

My build: || NVIDIA RTX 3080 | Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor | 64GB RAM | 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB | Quest 2 | Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls Yoke | Logitech Flight Throttle Quadrant | Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder Pedals ||


Nice video VR is so cool.

Where did you get the map that works in VR from?



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Here’s the mod:


I would suggest reading up about a place before you fly so you know where to fly. It’s a beautiful city and country. You missed the blue mosque, the sophia mosque, the bosphorus straights and the Taxim district. When I worked on cruise ships it was one of my favorite stops. Was lucky to go there a number of times and spend 2-3 days there each time.

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Fair enough, point taken! Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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