I am getting anxious - upcoming airplanes

In the last days I have the feeling that suddenly many developers (PMDG 737, DC Designs Concord, Mad Dog MD80, Milviz ATR 72….) are ready to release a new aircraft for MSFS! And it seems that it all might happen im Q4 2021!

I am getting anxious who is going to be first :blush:


Developing complex planes takes time, so after a year it seems a lot of developers are getting close to release. Excellent news, but not for my wallet.

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While all of this is very exciting and finally going in the direction we all were waiting for, i would recommend to not expect too much in Q4.

PMDG 737 is probably the most likely one, together withthe FENIX A320. But all the others you mention here havent talked about anything regarding a releasedate, so i would not count on that.


I am not and have not been waiting for this ‘direction’. I’m waiting for major features to be fixed.


hope DC6 from PMDG BEFORE 737

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DC6 is out since a long time already?
EDIT: ah, guess you might talk about XBOX then? Pretty sure the DC6 will hit the marketplace before the 737.

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Most of those planes are probably still a long way from completion.
Don’t know if the Concorde matter (seems to be more of an arcade job). The PMDG 737 could make it until the end of 2021, but even that isn’t clear. The MD-80 seems just about to take up pace.

The only planes that I expect to hit any time:

Aerosoft Twin Otter
Just Flight Hawk T1/A

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I guess a lot depends on the next two sim updates.

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Yes that is true as well. If the next updates break the addons like the last one, some of the planes may never be released at all.

Just play on the xbox, you won’t be anxious about too many, you’ll just be anxious of any coming out at all.


I think moreso that developers are waiting for new functionality to be released with the new updates.

The “breaking” of planes can be mitigated in the future by Asobo documenting all templates that are taken away and listing all the new ones, so developers don’t have to spend a week just figuring out what changed.

I also think the beta testing that’s going on right now with SU6, that process will be a huge help for developers who aren’t as “in the loop” as the majors are.

There is a lot of stuff that isn’t working even in the DC-6. The wipers have no effect, the smoke effects are missing etc. Plus a lot of stuff was broken like in the Just Flight Piper Arrow.

It’s possible that many developers are holding back right now until enough features are completed.


As long as Asobo/MS keep changing most of the core features there seems to be no stable base to develop on. On the other hand - there´s no certification system - which is needed, in my opinion - through the marketplace to guarantee a certain quality on the (paid) addons.

I wouldn´t expect too much in the near future, especially not when it comes to planes with deeply simulated systems.

And PSA: Don´t pay for it until you are certain that you receive some quality for your money.

As long as it is NOT anything like what Captain Sim has done with the 777. Charging people for an airplane based on 747 system. It’s just appalling a company like that has digressed in their development.

We know the Concorde is coming

For this I remembered hearing in the last q&a from Asobo that no mayor changes will be done in the coding - but as we are all used to we will need to wait and see what happens :wink:

Ohh yes! That’s another promising aircraft for sure

Totally agree with you - I hope the lessons are learned from this unserious developer

  • The JF hawk is about to release very soon, as i would interpret their communication.
  • The Twin Otter is confirmed to be somewhen after SU6, so maybe abouth a month away (speculation!).
  • The FENIX A320 is not “feature frozen”, means no new features are being added to the release version. They are bugfixing, finish the already implemented features and are adding the missing sounds. If this will take one, two or three months, nobody knows.

And also confirmed to release after SU6 is the SimWorks Quest Kodiak, thats the one GA plane, besides the Twotter, i am really looking forward to! :slight_smile: It will not be quite “study level” but also not “default” standard, someting inbetween, according to the dev.

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Hate to say it but the release of major add ons from third party developers is hardly related to sim features being fixed. If you mean you are waiting for Asobo to “fix” the default airplanes to the level of these upcoming adds, you will be disappointed.

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