I am getting anxious - upcoming airplanes

Aerosoft is in the beta testing. I suppose this transition might (should) be easier than back with SU5.

Pretty sure Aerosoft just gave the number 42 as an answer and people are interpreting week 42.

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Ai… Well… Maybe they did both. :laughing:

Agreed, super excited about the Mad Dog! That’s my favorite era of airliners, when some instruments were becoming more electronic but they were still in a mostly traditional layout. The 757, 767, and Fokker 100 were also like that.


From someone I spoke to very recently the impression he gave me was that the MD-80 was in very early alpha and they still need to iron out alot of bugs. But thats just from a little birdie, I dont have first hand experience with the aircraft in MSFS.

I generally agree. However, if Asobo is ‘fixing’ the marketplace to accommodate 3rd parties, rather than fixing some of the worst bugs, that’s not serving the customer.

I’m currently in a ‘screw the bugs I just want new planes’ type of mood. :smiley:

a BIG factor will be the next sim update - SU7 - which Jorg has stated will be all about the bug list.
Any developer who releases BEFORE that update is ensuring themselves some significant rework.
I wouldn’t look for any more new releases (from any of the larger developers) until that update shakes out.
If MS/Asobo are successful in addressing the litany of bugs with that update I believe there will be a collective expression of relief.
If, on the other hand,…


What is it going to take to get people to understand that Asobo is capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. Unrelated sim components are managed by different branches and teams. A programmer specializing in physics modelling is not going to busy making changes to a commerce portal.

Seems to me that I remember someone pointed out that the marketplace is not even managed by Asobo. Could be wrong. Either way, fixing bugs in the sim and fixing the Marketplace are unrelated and NOT going to have any effect on each other’s timelines.

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I agree with you and the way you said it is absolutely correct.
You used the words “rather than” in your sentence and that means : a verb to indicate negation as a contrary choice or wish
Rather than is also used for saying that one thing is preferred to another or happens instead of another. So, in that context, I wholeheartedly agree with you !

still no release from any aircraft developer… time is ticking

A release date for the Kodiak is expected within the next few days.

The Twin Otter’s exterior and liveries are done and it will be released “before Christmas”.

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December 17 they said. Well… It’s a slow and boring november.


Fenix seems to have slowed down with previews and blog updates, I wonder if they’ve hit a wall, or a release date and price point is imminent

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gentlemen, we a first tentative release date for the Kodiak (SimWorks)! apparently ready to be purchased on 17.Dec! that’s the kind of news we need for the upcoming days :slight_smile:


So until now still now release from the Kodiak …

I read something about 16:00Z today

Oh that would be cool, let’s stay tune and wait then :+1:

I really don´t want to disappoint you, but did you meant Q4 2022? ;D
But I was hoping too that at least ONE of all of these aircrafts will get released on christmas, at least one…

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Yes I have the same feeling :see_no_evil: this is taking forever, I really want to start learning a new aircraft