I am not seeing some reported problems with U6 - Suggestions and Workarounds

I see a lot of posts about messed up lights and floating lights at night. So I loaded up a few places to try and replicate these issues.

Detroit Metro Area

Frankfurt Germany

Also terminal buildings are loading in for me again.

Detroit Metro

Confirming bug - Airlines lights not working.

But GA’s lights do work.

Still looking into others. I had no CTD’s while testing and I had the sim running for a few hours. I was loading and unloading different areas and also changing settings.

Also I was not crashing using offline AI Aircraft.


At least MS/Asobo have identified the issue with floating lights and a temp workaround.
By @Jummivana
We just confirmed it’s a Render Scale issue. A setting less than 100 will cause no lights to appear, and a setting greater than 100 will cause the lights to float. A bug has been filed and I’ll provide updates when I can on this.

Workaround: Set your render scale to 100.

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I would like to note that I am not running rolling cache at the moment.

I have also updated all packages after U6 was installed which for me was 5+ GB

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