I believe more communication, professionalism and more respect needs to be expected

There are issues with every piece of software and it is expected, the recent weather problems are not unacceptable or anything unprecedented. It happens, live weather for the whole world it is bound to have issues at times.

However, the lack of communication and the way of communication is bordering comical at this point. After more than a week, the update today was:

“we figured out it wasn’t just one server or one region”.

Now that is interesting, you’d think after someone from Greece and someone from Seattle reports the same issue it might just be a clue that it’s effecting more than one region. People from all over the world posted on that forum post where they were tracking the issue. They asked people to post under a post. Every day for over a week. Then they come out and say, “do you know what, it seems to be it is about more than one region or server”

Come on.

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So tell me, what do they need to do more in your eyes to not be comical?

This was recently brought up and acknowledged: