I bought premium deluxe edition but standart edition was installed

Hi. My name is Emiliano. I am writing to you from Argentina. On August 20, I bought Flight simulator 2020 premium deluxe edition through Microsoft store, but when it was downloaded, only the standart edition was downloaded. When I try to download deluxe edition or premium deluxe edition it tells me that the game is already mine but that it is not available. Can you help me please? I do not know what to do

This is a known issue, please read https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015946980-Missing-Deluxe-or-Deluxe-Premium-content

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First off, make sure your version of the game is up to date (Three dots, Get updated, Update all), that the store is up to date, and that your PC time and date is set right.

Next, start the game.

In the game you will want to click "Profile at the top and then select “Content Manager” and make sure you have installed all the additional content associated with your version (Select the appropriate missing content and then tell it to get it) It will then (Hopefully) download all the missing, additional content.

Make sure the account you purchased with is the one you are downloading and installing with. That was a problem I had on release day.


Ya hice todas las comprobaciones y actualizaciones que me sugieren y me dice que la edición deluxe y la premiun no funcionan con este dispositivo. Pero la edición standart me funciona perfectamente. Por qué me permite usar la standart y no las otras?

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With regards to your specific issue, if the official published help doesn’t help then you should file a report through the official channel, which is zendesk. Other forum users might be able to contribute with suggestions of what to try but the forums are not official support for the game.

I hope you get your issue sorted soon.

I’m sorry and thank you. I will communicate with zendesk