I bought the Ju but didn't get it!

I bought the Ju52 via steam, chose the option to buy and download ingame and was then redirected to steam.
The purchase is verified with PayPal and then back to the flight simulator. There I received the error message “Purchase failed”
nothing has happened for 1 week. a process for reimbursement has already started at paypal

There is a great thread about this issue and the steps to take to get a refund. CMs also have offered to help (see thread)

I’ve also had this problem and none of the suggested fixes have worked for me, still trying to get my refund.

Exactly what i got. Zendesk support query raised and they sorted me out

I hope paypal will be able to help me with this. otherwise I am very angry

I have purchased Junkers JU52 about marketplace for xbox s. I use a paypal account with MS.
But the download failed even after serveral resets and new starts of the xbox account. Because one of the eleven parts wasn’t download completly, the whole download failed. I have contact the service of MS and hope I get success of a complete download feature.

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