I bought the sim on Xbox for pc and had to uninstall...where do I go to re-download?

MS store shows I bought it but I can’t find where to d/l it again…


I bought it on the MS Store but received a discount because I had PC for Xbox. If you did the same you would reinstall in the MS Store. Otherwise use the XBOX app which should be on your PC.

thank you…so I had it installed on my E drive before, now it says my E drive is not set up for games so I try to change it but the window says it wants me to delete other apps on the E drive before I can make it the default location for games but it won’t let me do it and I get an error code…

MS, you are more trouble than you are worth

It has caused some angst for sure.

It has disappeared completely from my Store and I can’t get it back, yet appears happily in my XBOX PC App. Nothing happened, it simply disappeared!

Try find it in MS Store App?

No I cant get it in the Store App as I said above, thank you.

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