I can’t believe the vibe at the moment…

I legit thought someone was burning a tortoise in that image. :rofl:

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This discussion shows just how much we all love and need this sim. To be without it is our worst fear so we find things to criticise.

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Not sure where you are getting all this info from.



We have been told next to nothing by Microsoft. We saw a short video with no context. What I do know is that if you hop on the Discord servers or forums for many 3rd party devs they are as much in the dark as we are. Some contrary to the narrative passed around on here are more concerned than what is being let on. Stop calling people immature for having valid concerns it only makes you look immature.

This is not the sims of old. This is a “Live Service” sim. The whole marketing behind 'Live Service" is different from Flight Sims of 30 years ago where you got a patch CD on the front of a gaming magazine. Whether this turns out to be a good thing or a bad thing for the community, the way it’s been handled is a total fail.


thats exactly the reason why many people here feel kind of “betrayed”

My question then is, do we see the same reaction for sequels to other franchises? These companies also gather input through wish lists, and release new versions with the most important improvements, paid versions. Why is it different here?

Maybe ‘masterful play’ was not the appropriate wording, because of the connotation, I meant to convey something like: good product management to guarantee a solid foundation for the continuity of the franchise.


The only difference is that they have exposed themselves to our whises and desires:

  1. We wanted helis? Helis were given
  2. We wanted gliders? Gliders were given
  3. We wanted better flight dynamics? They gave us better flight dynamic.
  4. We wanted more system depth? They gave us an A310 and hired WT to improve avionics
  5. We wanted METAR weather? We got it
  6. We wanted a scenery gateway? They are working on it
  7. We wanted DLSS, DX12, sliders for this and that? We got it
  8. We wanted better default airports and regional POIs? We got it

Plenty of new planes that cover all tastes and styles, regular Q&A’s, roadmaps, whislists, buglists…

So when some aspects lack a bit or deviate from personal expectations, people goes a bit more dramatic than if they were talking to a wall (as happens with many other developers).


well i can mention assassin’s creed, it became almost a yearly release and people asked them to stop because the all thing became a rinse and repeat under a different skin!, or Zelda that has at least a 5 or more years gap in between and every time it comes out has major improvements!! the sims 4, basically a pay to play if you want the full experience with so many bugs that instead of fixing thing they keep adding and adding, that game if you want it complete you have to pay over £1000! and people are mad, rightly so!! many will not buy future iterations until they see that many of its feature will be in the base game and not behind a pay wall!! if you play other stuff other than MFS you are aware that actually here we are too nice with Asobo and MS who has almost an endless pool of money!

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Honestly, comparing this to the games you’ve listed just makes me more fond of Microsoft Flight Simulator and how they have developed it. I think we need to stop spreading this narrative that suddenly MS/Asobo is going to turn this into EA/The Sims. There isn’t any factual evidence to support these allegations so they are only speculative in nature.

Having a quick look at this forum now, it doesn’t look like we are being “too kind” on them at all.


It’s not like they have announced achievements, or a cash shop where you can buy skins…wait a minute!

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really? time will tell…it’s a fact that seasons were planned for mfs 2020 and now they are advertised for the next interaction surprise surprise

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Not too bothered about those.

Just want loads of loot boxes, mission points and a Leaderboard to prove just how bad a pilot I am. Could then be an instant buy :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve said before and I’ll say again: I have a suspicion that the bug/wishlist fixes became insurmountable in the current sim and so they decided to sort of start afresh — albeit with the same core engine.

I can’t understand the pessimism. My take on FS2024 is that it’s doubled the longevity of the sim overnight!

If my theory is correct, its the opposite. They were deliberately holding back development so that they could create enough content for their faux sequel announcement. All they have done is slow the pace of development in the official roadmap, less sim updates etc, and done that work on the side to announce as MSFS 2024.

All MSFS 2024 really is, is the culmination of fixes and new features that they held back in reserve so that they could announce a AAA successor this year, generating massive attention to the franchise in 2024.

They will replace 2020 and give us 2024 completely free becuase it’s the same sim, with just a much smarter marketing delivery of the updates.

MSFS get their AAA title and massive influx of new customers, the existing customer base feels like they have been rewarded with a brand new simulator for free. It’s win win all around.

I predict this will be the July surprise.


That’s a rather depressing way to look at it if you are right. I prefer not to think along those lines. :wink:

This vibe sucks! Y’all are acting like MSFS is becoming the worst sim but reality is market share is still gunna be with msfs2020 for a another three four years

Errr… liveries? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s exactly what I was referring to.


We asked to slow down the updates, really, to give more time for internal and beta testing…


When I first heard of MSFS 2020 and the amount of back end it needed I assumed it would be a SaaS model like Office 365. So it kind of will be if every 4 years or so we need to buy the next version and I’m fine with that.

Those games aren’t live services.

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