I can’t believe the vibe at the moment…

None of those things you listed are finished including non-beta DX12.

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I actually think its super positive if true. I mean if they were able to give as much updates they have whilst also holding back the best stuff for the sequel, imagine how good the sim will be next year when they are all hands on deck with MSFS 2024 again.

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Yeah, that’s the silver lining for sure. We’ve perhaps had to wait longer for these fixes, but they are coming all the same.

No one predicted that 2024 was coming at all. I don’t think we have any hint on pricing strategy at this point, beyond a blind guess.

I think we have so many hints and definitely not a blind guess. But we’ll see soon enough.

Not sure where they got raytracing and “perfect visual fidelity” or “perfected sim” because those are all hype points and nothing in the trailer or things said afterwards tells us that’s happening.

As for the DLCs staying compatible: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 FAQ


I don’t know what to think of all these remarks it would seem that in order to be well in tone, it is necessary to take Microsoft’s badly put together announcements at face value and to make them a single thought without possible discussion suddenly it is take the info and close it for my part I have no confidence in microsoft and asobo so I put myself in the place of simeurs who have spent a lot of money for this sim and who suddenly ask themselves the real questions, in particular by regarding the compatibility of their hardware with the new FS, will FS2020 continue to exist independently of FS2024 here I am not commenting on anything but I am not rolling on the ground with delight at Microsoft’s so mercantile announcements

And now we get to buy those fixes in a different Game.

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Please explain to me why anyone is questioning hardware compatibility with the new sim?

It’s patently clear that it’s built on the bones of FS2020 if not 99% FS2020 under the hood.

In another thread there was a set of pictures comparing moments in the trailer with those same locations in FS2020 right now, and other than the “job” related stuff, there is basically no difference.

I make custom FS hardware for my use and I am 100% confident that it will continue to work. Hell, I’ve had hardware made for FS98 continue to work, I’m not worried

So please, explain it. Please explain why anyone would default to “my hardware won’t be compatible.”

And P.S. they’ve already said that with a few very niche exceptions add-ons will continue to work and marketplace purchases will transfer. So software also isn’t a concern.


They never promised us our wishlist. They’ve fixed a lot for free (even if to some it doesn’t feel that way). They can’t keep doing it forever and if this new sim is a culmination of wishlist/bug fixes then I’m more than happy to pay for it.

People here are saying they never wanted the WUs or SUs… but I bet those same people happily downloaded and used them…

Reading through the gazillion comments — in this dedicated forum and in other FS forums — anyone would think they’re canning the whole MSFS platform tomorrow, rather than attempting to make it better! I guarantee, most of the current rumours will prove to have been unfounded once the sim’s released — so why continue the needless speculation and vitriol?


"My dear car manufacturer, I purchased my shiny new car 4 years ago, but now ■■■!!!, you released a new model for year 2024? That has a new shiny digital cockpit display, wireless car play / android auto, fancy HUD display, hi-tech digital rear mirrors and super cool new internal RGB led lighting. Yes, it still has 4 wheels, steering wheel, windshield - boring…

Whyyy my old car don’t get these fancy things for free? And all the service work too, forever. I already paid for it! I didn’t only pay for the car, but already purchased the right to hate you and all you happy customers, the right to put all the dirt on you, the right for get all I want - again, forever! I feel really bad, sad and angry, my poor car manufacturer, I trusted you! I already paid you all my money and you cheated me! I really feel cheated… No one should buy new cars from you.

And tell me the truth - you are planning remotely complete shut down my still new shiny car when it’s still working well, and even don’t let my local service to fix things on it if they broke. I must be true, because you are a big evil corporate car producer who don’t like your customers.

Fix it NOW, or I will not buy anything else from you in the future!

Sadly, Your unhappy paying customer"

I’m really sad that here are people that spend their lives thinking like this. Not feeling sad for me, but for them who have their lives build on fear of new, and spread all the anger, hate and bad mood on every corner. Ignore them and enjoy what its enjoyable event it’s not 100 % perfect.


It feels like some people are becoming overly emotional and worried. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. All we have is a trailer for the next version. Microsoft isn’t doing anything wrong here; they’re just releasing an upgraded platform like they have for the past few years. Let’s sit back, relax, and allow the franchise to unfold naturally, as it always has. I’m very confident in Asobo; they never fail to surprise us in one way or another. As the customer, you hold a lot of power, just remember that companies always want to appeal to their customers. This is the nature of development.


I’m really looking forward to the new simulator! It will be fantastic! Thank you Microsoft / Asobo for your work, it’s amazing!


I have once.

In 2005 when Microsoft announced “Sim Connect” for FSX and that they would no longer load unrecognized modules.

Around that time PMDG had made a name for themselves with the 737 and 747 add-ons they made and those depended heavily on the fact that FS95 - FS2004 had supported modules as a way to get functionality into the sim.

These modules did everything from injecting a tanker (yep, midair refueling was able to be simulated in FS9 with the right add-ons) to allowing keystrokes to manipulate the aircraft simulation.

The announcement was basically “Your add-ons mean nothing to us, we’re making our own add-on system” and people freaked out. It’s not inherently wrong to say that was a major reason that FSX sold so poorly initially. It didn’t help that FSX was also a giant leap forward, on a level that only FS95 had been previously (FS98, 2000, 2002, and 2004 all had improvements but were more incremental)

FSX was a good platform it turned out, but there was no way to know at the time whether it would be, and people were scared. Then Microsoft closed the department that was making Flight Simulator and everyone was left homeless.

We’re basically seeing the same level of fear as people had then, but without the same level of reason.

FS2020 will remain a viable product for years to come, but FS2024 will likely be superior, and compatible.


People always assume the worst. Poor old Jorg, MSFS is clearly a labour of love for him, he’s always so proud to show off what they have done, and he goes above and beyond in sourcing content and giving it us for free but a certain subsection of the community just suspect he will change his tune at any moment.


None were part of the original release either.

There is room for improvement, no doubt, but those that have been around since the alpha know how much the game has evolved since then (roughly 3 years), specially the simulation side of it.

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I think one other thing here is relevant. At the time of writing the UI for MSFS, Asobo had very little flight knowledge. The very first Q&A sessions, Jorg even came out and said that. Then around SU5, every single person at Asobo was getting taught flight and flight dynamics. The Asobo team now has a very strong background. Shoot, Seb loves to geek out and go on about the dynamics of things. The Asobo team has come a long way since those days.

SU5 was an overhaul of the FSX core. But we haven’t really had a radical overhaul of the UI layer. Now, the team has a solid background. They know of all the things they want the UI to do, and even things they have planned out for the future. The original core layer was also more single threaded (revamped to be multithreaded in SU5), but the original UI was written to that original single threaded core.

People complain that the sim doesn’t make use of CPUs effectively, that it only runs in the primary thread. People complain that no matter how much memory you have in your system, it really only uses 16 Gig.

Think about this. Asobo has hired a lot of people over the last year. They hired the lead designer from IL2. And we haven’t heard a thing about what all these people they have hired are working on. And now boom, we hear about FS2024 for the first time. We don’t have any details, but don’t people find it interesting that Asobo hired one of the most reknown developers in flight sim with an extensive aviation background, and we haven’t heard a thing about what he has been working on since he got hired, and now we hear about FS2024.

Lead engineer departs Great Battles team (updated) – Stormbirds

I frankly am looking foward to what a much more knowledgeable Asobo team along with one of the most knowledgeable designers of flight sim can come up with for the new version of a sim. We had the core revamped 2 years ago, and we saw the great things that came of that once all the initial bugs were resolved.


Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.


The moment I found out that you can just mute certain people here is the moment the forums became better. Not saying that I do that with everyone that doesn’t agree with me or anything like that. I love to hear other peoples viewpoints and learn from it. But a small number of people only complain and bring nothing constructive to the table.