I can’t believe the vibe at the moment…


Nah, I can’t believe they’d do that to us…or even themselves!:joy:

It’s going to be gooooooooooood.

2 reasons, social media brings out the best of everyone (sarcasm) and back in the day with no social media everyone was thrilled to get a new version with new things. Much bigger audience in these days than in the past as well


Thank you for being one of the very few on this forum who is isn’t blinded by: A) Rage & Resentment or B) Microsoft’s PR.

For starters, how can anyone be fawning over the visuals in the trailer of a WIP, when the visuals in THIS version regressed hugely between Alpha and now?


People, we are talking about a game here. For some a serious game. But it is something to spend our free time on. There is really more on earth (and in heaven) than MSFS.

So totally agree with the OP here.

Let’s just relax, enjoy what we have now thanks to MS/Asobo and see what else comes. And it it isn’t what you like, spend the time you’ll then save with real people enjoying life outside a computer game/sim.


The Sim (and any other flight sims on the market) will never be “finished” in that regard.

In general, I am really starting to heavily dislike the terms “unfinished” or “not finished”, what does that even mean in context of released piece of software such as MSFS? Sure, you can say things do not work as they should or whatever, but I am not sure these defintions are synonymous with “unfinished”. Considering Flight Sims and their tech are ever evolving, they will never, ever be finished. They are just too complicated to ever be in such a state.

If the internet didn’t exist and things like zendesk and crash reporting didn’t exist, then MSFS would be released as stable as it could be without the developers having any knowledge or telemetry on how well it was performing or any feedback from consumers. Flight sims are fundamentally a ‘sandbox’, this means they are highly prone to failures that may be too rare for a small QA team with 1000 hours under their belt to find. But, would that be considered “unfinished”? It would have released and you could estimate ~80% of users have no problems, the features that are in there are ‘final’ to that version. So, despite the nature of complicated software not working universally across every machine, why would that be “unfinished”?

Hope my announce with people using this term frustrates me a little, since in the real of software development, “finished” has no meaning other than the tasks you had to complete or an end date for the project. Software has the potential to become anything, but that is all based upon the scope of the porject.


I think these two points contradict each other. If they’re continuing support for FS2020 and plan to continue development per the roadmap, why would they force a migration to FS2024? If that were the case, no one would be able to play FS2020 the day that FS2024 is released.


“Unpolished” or “sub-optimal” might be better terms, and could used to describe ATC, and ground handling, to name but two.

HA! When the ATC goes out mid-flight I think that qualifies as more than “Unpolished and sub-optimal”


People will complain as always. They’re always fine paying for a new game every year but not MSFS. And those other people who pay 20€ for airports whining about needing to pay 130€ for MSFS24 again are just weird.

I’m just not gonna touch any third party addons from now on. Only will buy from the marketplace. Third party stores probably will charge for updates.

My three main hopes for FS2024:

  1. Vast, and I mean VAST, improvement in ATC.

  2. The default airports won’t be better quality than my marketplace purchased ones :rofl:.

  3. It actually comes out in 2024. You know what these large game developers are like. “Release date: 2024”

December 2023: “Sorry. Delayed until 2025. :rofl:

Most add-ons (scenery, airplanes, etc) are made using the SDK. Chances are that if most add-ons are compatible, that would include ones sold in the marketplace as well as those sold by third parties. Most of them are made using the same tools.

In my experience, the worst thing to do, at least for PC users, is to buy from the marketplace. The UI is clunky, and the update process is extremely slow.

They don’t contradict each other if you regard the sim as the sim. First off, MSFS 2020 already no longer exists. It was replaced by the MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition last year.

Next year they will call it MSFS 2024. But it’s the same sim, same engine, they have just been developing new features to release in a giant update that they are branding MSFS 2024 to get massive amounts of attention and huge userbase growth next year.

They aren’t going to have two sims with two roadmaps that’s just ridiculous. 2020, I mean the 40th Anniversary Edition will just become 2024.

The only reason the wording is vague is by design, because you don’t reveal you are gifting a AAA game in a post on a forum, you save that for a big announcement in front of the world’s gaming media.

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Hello @Kjaye767,

What you have written here is incorrect. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is not an update to the existing Microsoft Flight Simulator released in 2020 like the previous Game of the Year and 40th Anniversary Editions were but rather a separate standalone sequel. We discussed this in our FAQ:

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 be a completely standalone sequel, or will it also be offered as a paid update for existing players?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is a standalone simulator and the next-generation sequel to Microsoft Flight Simulator that launched in 2020. Current aircraft and airports that are in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), as well as virtually all Marketplace add-ons, will be supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.



Flight Simulator 2020 will be supportet 10 years.
People this means the Flightsimulator will be supported until 2030… LOL

If you buy Planes from 3rd partydevelopers…they will Work for Flightsimulator 2020 and 2024.

So this will be one of the first games which addons will work for all future versions of the game series. And you have to buy them only one time. (On the Marketplace)
Absolutely Awesome.

Personally i can not wait for Flightsimulator 2024 to drop.

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This is a highly dubious claim.

They’re ensuring as much as possible compatibility between 2020 and 2024. We are not guaranteed that all versions released between now and 2030 will be compatible with all add-ons released for 2020.

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Hey, at least we know something…people need to chill the…….(expletive) out

So MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition will continue to be sold separately and both sims will be available to play on Gamepass and Steam? And you will continue to update MSFS 2020 with new features such as seasons, trains, World updates, full DirectX12 support whilst simultaneously trying to pursuade people that they need to buy the new sim?


What part didn’t you understand?
It was clearly described to you as to what will happen.


None of this information is currently known. The most likely thing to happen is that MSFS 2020 will receive minimal to no updates and brand-new features will be exclusive to MSFS 2024, following the example of Prepar3D and X-Plane.


agreed, but I’m also getting sick of the people coming in here and basically saying "This is amazing, it’s going to be a free update and all of our planes will work with every sequel version, etc

They said nothing of the sort. Noone has ever promised that FS2020 is going to get seasons, trains, or the advertised mission concept.

Noone has promised anything about FS2024 pricing, but it’s been made clear that it’s a new product.

Gamepass will probably switch over to 2024 as there is little point there to keeping older versions around, but 2024 will be a new product and, for example on steam, it’ll be possible to install them side by side, though 2020 might no longer be available for sale.

World Updates have been implied, but not stated, that they will be backported to 2020.

This kind of post is exactly what I’m talking about. I’m excited for 2024 but I don’t really like that people have been going around proclaiming (despite evidence to the contrary) that this is going to be a free upgrade, or that 2020 will somehow magically receive all of these things that are shown in the trailer.

There is no reason to believe that 2020 will get seasons, tornadoes, etc. 2020 will be supported - as in the servers will stay online, the world updates will (probably) continue, and there will still be some of the AAU updates that were planned. But completely new features are probably locked to 2024 at a separate price point.