I can’t find the files

I have been trying to find the files that make up this program. I want to add FSUIPC to the program but cannot find the files. I know this sounds crazy but what am I missing.

This worked for me to get SimConnect working for Plan-G:

On the drive where you installed FS2020, look for a folder named “WpSystem”, then drill down until you see this sequence of sub-folders "AppData/Loca/Packages/MicrosoftFlightSimulator_xxxxxxxxx (Looks like random characters in place of the x’s).

I set that whole path as the Flight Simulator location/path for Plan-G and it works great. Incidentally (for Plan-G users), when I go back to look at the path setting, it has reverted to the original path for FSX but it still works for FS2020. Good luck! :0)

I know SimConnect is different from FSUIPC (though I’ve used both for the same purpose…), but hopefully this feedback will help.

What file(s) are you looking for? The beta version of FSUIPC (FSUIPC7) doesn’t require Simconnect, just the files in the beta package.

Can you explain what you did in a little more details for those of us who aren’t as tech savy? I’ve been trying to use a few different 3rd party software programs to get my Saitek panels working with MSFS and to connect Foreflight, but they all use SIMCONNECT or FSUIPC which are both causing MSFS to drop down from 35 to 45 FPS to 5 to 15 FPS which then causes the simulator to freeze and crash. I’ve had to stop using all my Saitek Panels and Foreflight because the simulator becomes unusable.

Will the fix that you suggested allow SIMCONNECT and FSUIPC to be compatible with MSFS without causing the hugs drop in FPS, freezing, and crashing.

Thnak you for your response. I am looking for all the files that make Flight Sim run. I cannot find them anywhere on my computer. Can you point me in the direction of the files?

Thank You

This is just to try and get certain add-ons working. It does not fix the frame rate issue.