I cannot have my normal gamer tag or avatar

My usertag is not available, my usertag that i want, & use on EVERY other game is Phrixos28 and i cant even have my own Avatar either, also i don’t own an x box (i hate them) so why am i forced to use and set up an x box account? your product is awsome, (somtimes) but i am forced to use a tag i don’t want. WHY? This feature should be removed and allow others like me to have thier OWN choice of tag, username, avatar. thank you

My user tag is different every where else as well but this is an XBox/Ms deal and it’s how they want it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an Xbox app. Some Xbox games can be used on a PC, like MSFS as well as an Xbox console.

The gamertag of Phrixos28 is in use and only one gamertag can be assigned:

Avatars used to be customizable but Microsoft has disabled this during the start of the COVID pandemic. I’m not sure if they will bring that ability back.

You can always check the Xbox app on Windows 10 if/when they do and can also change your gamertag to something else if it’s not in use.