I cannot load any different airport and plane - always the same airport and same aircraft - non ascii windows 10 account name

This is getting really tiring. I hope this is fixed soon. It’s a huge pain in the butt to have to restart the sim each time I want to do a new flight

  1. English Languiage
  2. English United States
    3.English Letters in my user account
  3. Loading a saved flight plan works.

I don’t know how far back this issue goes, but I experience it too. In an age where so much fuss is made about every little difference among us humans, it’s beyond sad to see that a huge company like MS still assumes everyone is American and everyone speaks English…

Hi all! I’m curious for those that have this issue, is how you installed MSFS.

Is your installation in the “default” location or have you customized the install location to another drive other than C:?

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I have installed in a disk other than C! in my case disk D! The app itself is always installed in C (although you can later move the app via windows to another disk), right ?
After the app itself was installed, I chose disk D where community and official are!
I myself have had this problem and had to create a local new account with only us English letters to make everything work!

This sounds interesting and I hope for a solution!

  1. English pack - OK
  2. Hungarian
  3. László
  4. No
  • Do you have the US English Language pack installed?
  • What is your regional language on your PC?
  • What letter or letters are in your Windows user account?
  • Does loading saved flight plans work for you?
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I had it installed on the C drive

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Hi could you solved the problem ?

Hi, I just bought the Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe and experience a bunch of bugs.
One of the bugs is the one described here: I cannot choose another start airport and it drives me nuts since hours!!!
I am using the Steam version on a PC with locale de-DE and having umlauts in the username.
Deleting the mentioned folder %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\Custom only works once. Then the game is stucked again.
Is there any progress on the bug ticket? If such a simple thing does not work, I will simply return it.

A work around can be found here:
ref: All versions - Sim freezes or crashes before loading fully – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)


If you’re using a non-English Windows 10 set-up, change the system locale.

  • In the “Type here to search” field type “Control Panel
  • Click on the “Administrative” tab click on “Change system locale” and set up Current language for non-Unicode programs to “English US

– OR –


If you have special characters (such as à, ù, Å, ò) in your Windows Profile, create a new local user or administrator account in Windows 10 with no special characters and run Microsoft Flight Simulator from that profile.


Frankly both ideas are not an option, since the 1st seems to mess with other games and the 2nd is making stuff may too complicated. Living in a world of 2022 we still got unicode problems on a flagship Microsoft product… yaaay. Such a shame!

Where is this I cant find it, please help this is stressing
me out

I cant find this man

This is about as complicated as it gets:


Still didnt get it working. But a different user requires additional security configs for all related internal/external drives. If you have the game files spreaded across multiple drives you need to add the new user to all Volumes + DIrectories and give him the same access rights as your original account (e.g. put him into admin group).

Currently the game is getting stucked after pressing “Ready to Fly”. Then after a while it crashes to desktop.

Thanks for yourhelp!

Hi, I have a problem I’m still stuck at one airport, no matter what plane I choose and what airport I’m still in the same place I know that I have to delete the custom flights file but it requires restarting the game and the problem of all this is utf-8 normally it is turned off and all games and applications work except msfs and when I turn on utf-8, the games do not work but I do not have to delete the custom flight file I also know that the problem is the special characters in the username of windows account such as ł ą and the only solution is the computer format and new user, but I don’t want to format the computer because I just did it, is there any other option how to deal with it

I found that you can work around this problem by creating a flight plan by saving it and then loading it, the save / load option is at the bottom in the More tab in the world map, this way it doesn’t create a custom flights file

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Brief description of the issue:

It doesn’t matter which plane I select, or which airport, when I click on “fly” the game always loads the Standard A320 ready to take off, even if I have selected a gate

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Unable to fly any other aircraft other than DA62 no matter what aircraft i choose when creating a flight.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Game Started.
  2. Choosing an Airport and a Runway.
  3. Choosing an Aircraft (DA40 NG).
  4. Pressing (Fly Now).
    The Result (DA62) is used and not DA40 NG.
    Exited the game and restarted the PC and repeat.
    Step 3 i changed the Aircraft to Cessna 172.
    The Result (DA62) is used and not Cessna 172.

It happens all the time, no matter what aircraft i choose. The result is always DA62.

Please Advice!
Thank you!

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