I cannot use the flight simulator anymore

Hope this will help:

  1. Rename MSFS folder (usually “Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe”) in its installation directory (usually C:\Users\”user name”\AppData\Local\Packages”) to any other name.
  2. Open the Xbox application and select “uninstall” MSFS.
  3. Go back again and restore MSFS original directory name.
  4. In Xbox application select install MSFS, it will install only the 1.3GB
  5. Run the game and the in-application updater will start as usual.


I had the very same problem trying to get WU6, nothing helped. However I didn’t delete the sim as that seldomly serves any sense.

I had to remove the gaming services from my registry after finding this on the internet a couple of months ago for anoither problem:

Open Registry Editor
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Services
Remove the GamingServices and GamingServices.Net
Restart Computer
Go to your Windows Store → 3-dot-menu → Downloads and Updates → Check updates
Gaming Services should install now without issue.
Double check by rebooting and going back to Windows Store and trying to Get Updates again - you should be Up to date

At that point I could NOT reinstall the gaming services, which indicated that there was a more serious issue with the store which also affected my ability to update MSFS. So I deleted the MS store cache and resetted it, instructions are easily searchable.

Then I did this which forces a redownload of the gaming services:

this worked and I then saw the MSFS update.

yes, the MS Store is crap.

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Yup, the Microsoft Store is garbage, it always has been and it seems like it always will be. I had these exact same issues a few years ago with Forza Horizon 3, and then again with Forza Horizon 4.

Thankfully, Microsoft has begun releasing their games on Steam recently and it’s really alleviated a lot of the frustration involved with dealing Microsoft and their games.

If you can, I would try to get a refund via Microsoft, explaining your reasons as to why you want a refund, and get the Steam version.

Opening the XBox App before launching the Windows Store has fixed the issue for me.

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After doing all the steps over and over - finally the update arrived. Incredible sim and incredible annoying as well. At least, I hope I can play next weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions people, nice community!

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