I can't activate STD (B787-10 QNH). please help me! thanks Guy!

New to using flight simulator. I’m on the PC. B787-10 can’t activate STD (BAROSET, QNH). please help me. thanks you!

Yep - doesn’t work for me either! Just another problem to add to the long list of them for the 787.

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if so up to >FL100. it will be wrong. I looked on youtube and didn’t see anyone with this error

Oh well, I have no idea what half of these issues are caused by, hence I no longer fly the 78X.

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I don’t know how to make it work. I’m using the version no mods

Do you have your mouse UI set to Legacy? If not, try that.


I don’t see a problem here, just a small inconvenience.
Most aircraft don’t even have this function.
Simply set the standard pressure manually.

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my mouse UI seted Legacy, when i put the mouse to STD it doesn’t work.

ATC has reported that your aircraft is not at the required altitude. hic

That’s a completely different issue than not being able to set 29.92/1013.2.
Pushing the STD button IRL does just that.

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where is that button? please just help me! I’m new to this game. thanks sir

As you have noticed, the STD button is presently inoperative on the 787.
Pushing this button sets the pressure to standard which is 29.92in or 1013.2hpa IRL.
You simply have to dial in the standard pressure manually.

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