I can't be only one having this issue (US landmarks not loading properly)

I need help. I cannot be only one having issue with some of US landmarks not loading properly… I cannot be only one with some of them them shifting up and down too…

I have Lod set to 100 but no matter LOD shifting still happens and they refuse to load. It happens regardless of settings. I’ve reinstalled the world update, reinstalled the simulator but this keeps happening to me.

The worst of this is Half Dome And Devil’s tower. They don’t load unless you are at 0.33NM.

Guys, any solutions? Cleaning cache didn’t help.

My PC:
Ryzen 5 1600 Stock Speeds
RTX2070 Super 8GB
32GB RAM 3000MHz
1TB Crucial MX500 SSD where MSFS and Cache is.
120GB GoodRam SSD where Windows 10 is.

Half Dome :confused:

In console it loads LOD only when I get closer:

It also has LOD 0/3 whenever I get far away from it. LOD never changes. It’s as if LOD levels don’t work for this model.

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