I can't decide between the 414 and the 310

I’ve done the same…out of space on my 500GB SSD.:rofl:
MSFS Drive

So I finished 2 flights with the 310 and all settings enabled, cold and dark and I have to say it’s quite a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure if I’m going to like wear and tear and ownership roleplaying and cold and dark in general (feels like a hassle in most other planes to me really) but after reading the manual and experimenting, I think it’s going to be super fun. Can’t wait for some breakers to pop or landing light bulbs to burn out hah, or go for the rental mode and find what the incompetent previous pilot left for me to find.

Hand-flying it is definitely not simple, it’s a squirrely plane but I like it like that and it really reminds me of the Kodiak.

Landings went fine too, to my surprise. I can see the “like a magnet” description but I didn’t find it as bad/jarring as I expected to. One landing without winds, one with wind, nothing to complain there. I just have to get used to coming in above 100kts, most every other plane I have is way below 100kts landing, hell some barely cruise above that :smile: so that’s a change for me.

All in all - after 2 flights - I’m happy with the purchase. I think it was the right decision to go with the more handful of plane to fly versus the sky cadillac.

I very likely will go for the 414 at a later point too, as I noticed that I find steam gauges a lot more enjoyable to fly and well, I do not have a fast high altitude steam gauge cruiser yet either.


An SSD will slow down drastically when it gets full. Some performance focussed drives such as the Samsung Pro series handle being full better than others. As a rule of thumb though regard the last 20% on any SSD as temporary storage for moving files about but keep them on average under 80% full for optimal performance.

All is not lost as SSD, particularly consumer mass market ones like the Western Digital Greens, have dropped in price by about 50% over the last few years, you can now get Terabyte drives at prices you previously paid for 250/500GB ,


Thanks a ton! Had no idea.
MSFS is currently on my Samsung 850 EVO.
I was gonna buy and put MSFS on an M.2 drive or 4.0 NVMe next preferable 2TB.

Good Plan.

If your interested in the technical reasons why SSD slow down as they fill up this is a good article:

Why solid-state drive (SSD) performance slows down as it becomes full - Pureinfotech.

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Yeah, I was worried about wear and failures being bothersome, too.

Really, they just add some spice to flying and keep you mindful. The plane is fully redundant so you can limp it home with one engine if it ever comes to that.

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I fly the 310 quite a bit. I generally use the radio nav setup. I think one night I had a light burned out. I like having occasional failures turned on. It just adds a little realism and makes you do your checks and cross-checks.

You probably can’t go wrong with either bird.

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The 310 sounds are to hard to beat and there’s something “immersive” about its flight model that i like more than the 414. But that’s where it ends for me. In terms of altitude performance, cabin interior, versatility: I prefer the 414. I don’t really care about the wear and tear aspects etc of the 310. Most important factors for me are flight model, sounds and performance.

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The idea of ownership is great, I just need to get default perfect first. Looking forward to that.

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The 310 paired with wear n tear ownership option on and FS Realistic Pro make for a very immersive experience. It feels like a hunky breathing machine especially on landings with FS Realistic and feeling the landing gear rumble and contact with the runway and applying those screaming footbrakes.

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