I cant play because of bumps on the runway?

Please vote here. We need to get this issue some visibility.

Here is what this bug looks like:

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Yes, see my post 5 posts above yours in this very thread from 23 days ago. And voting is fine, but Zendesk reports are better - the more, the merrier, because that’s how these bugs will get formally triaged and eventually fixed.

I’ve reported several taxiway anomalies, like extremely bumping sections, or grass intersections that should be paved. They all got marked as Solved, and added to some queue somewhere, so the system works, we just need to wait for the fixes to be implemented.

I agree that Zendesk is the way forward if you want progress. Open forum posts are great to bounce ideas off other users, see if anyone else sees the same thing, and so on, but Zendesk should be the next step if confirmed.

The top voted issues show up on the community feedback report and get visibility. If 100 reports are filed against this bug, 99 of them get resolved as dupes and we have to rely on Asobo’s triage process to recognize the importance of this issue–and we still won’t know if it is being addressed until (or if) it gets fixed. Probably, it got triaged long ago and it is languishing–again because new reports don’t get triaged, they just get resolved as dupes. If we can get it high up on the feedback list, then at least we will know for certain what the status is.

Bugs have been filed on this (including by me) and yet Asobo has spent their time working on removing “Press Any Key To Start”. Why? Because it was one of the top voted issues by the community.

i experience taxiway bridge ‘collapse’ due to ‘overweight’ 787 :rofl:

The aircraft is stuck, cannot move forward or backward, this just highlight some of the invisible bumps (port holes?) on taxiway. On the way in, landing on 26R, the 787 suddenly deflected up sharply, it was dark, i could not see but i believe there is another bump in middle of runway.

Below is a screenshot from littlenavmap of this airport with affected location highlighted in red.

I think its best not to venture into non-popular airports for now. :slightly_smiling_face: just stick to popular big airports.

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On the other hand, how should these bugs be detected if not going to “off-broadway” airports specifically?

EDDP isn’t even that unpopular. At least for cargo.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that kind of fixes mostly around the world updates. Even “World Update: Europe” in this case, maybe. Would even make sense in a way.

Lol that’s is not it. When the LOD finally loads in there aren’t bumps anymore. This happened at SFO too.

im not experiencing that on the runways but i have noticed (especially at CDG) that some taxiways a small number i must say are stupidly bumpy. At CDG there is a bridge that goes over the road that if you hit at normal taxi speed around 20kts you get launched in the air and if you just try to littreally roll over it it stops you dead. Its like theres a 2ft high speed bump or something

I have also noticed recently over the last few days that everytime im doing a ILS approach to any airport that just as you get to about 50 feet or so you suddenly get pushed downwards and when you go to correct this you end up going back up to high even when there is absolutely NO wind.

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Same. What works for me: disconnect the autopilot a bit earlier and fly the last couple hundred feet by hand.

yeah thats what i have been doing kinda destroys the realism aspect though as its supposed to have a autoland feature but Asobo and MS being well Asobo and MS cant be bothered to fix it

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Its like you get a sudden downdraft/winshear when there is absolutely no way 1 can form

I’m not sure if we really have “autoland” implemented. Also, flying the last couple feet by hand is not unrealistic at all. Unless you have low visibility or something. Look at all these videos on YouTube - you’ll often see pilots doing the approaches by hand.

It was implemented very early on but they scrapped it and i usually take control around 100ft. My best friend is a captin for Easyjet got him to have a try the ILS should run to about 20feet high with autoland off he tried doing what he does in real life when hes flying the 320 and the plane had a fit lol but yeah ive taken control back around 100ft

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But this is a flight simulator so it should be able to do and work like the real life equivilent does HOPEFULLY they might get round to fixing it some time but i doubt it

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At times, i feel the lack of control just before touch down might be related to my weak cpu. Cant be sure.

For non-hand crafted airport i think it uses same terrain algo resulting in unexpected bumps

This has been happening a fair bit lately. Just got it runway 02 KVHN after a 5hr flight. It’s so frustrating.

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