I deleted the game to install it on my external hardrive and now its not even installing

I am really disappointed that it KEEPS on saying that there is an error time and time again and it said for me to restart my device so I did AND THERES YHE SAME PROBLEM I am really fustrated now so I’m now going back to Xplane11 unless this changes there wasn’t 1 complaint about Xplane11,yes I do still want to stay on fs2020 but I LITTERALY CANT.
It’s supposed to be a simple install ment but NO
Everything is so complicated with this new sim one minute before it’s released your like OMG yes I want it now.
2 months after you want you £139 back (I have premium edition) so u would expect better after paying that much.
I’m probably not the first person to point this out.
If you can help that would be well appreciated.

It’s rediculous the download like I thought the game was 1GB but no it still had another 98 left

Did you get an answer about how to get it to install again?

Io ho comprato quella digitale e quella fisica 10 DVD, impossibile reinstallare una delle due versioni acquistate e le varie aggiunte a pagamento, che faccio? Li butto nella spazzatura o aspetto la preparazione di un vaccino?

Hi Superdistratto,

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Hi dear, okay, I have never used the forums, thanks for the advice, good start to the week :slightly_smiling_face::+1: