I don't understand why the msfs 2020 is partly on 1 drive while the main program is on another?

Hi there, I just don’t understand why the whole program is not just on one drive? In my situation mine is on 2 drives.

You probably chose a 2nd drive to install the OneStore packages when you first installed MSFS :slight_smile: .


I moved from c: Drive to d: drive but I thought that the whole program would move to a faster ssd

Unlike a program, MSFS is a partial app. Windows 10 keeps apps in WindowsApps as well as “local” (MS) or “roaming” (Steam)

When you use the “move” app in Windows 10 settings, it will move everything off of the C: drive, but it will create a “system” drive on your target for Windows apps.

Thanks for explaining it to me , I didn’t understand

Even if you move the app to a second drive, a symbolic link to the directory is created under your AppData directory to the second drive, making it appear that the data are on both drives. This can be confusing at first until you realize what’s being done.

I installed the sim to my Games directory during the first install. This created a basic file structure that has no actual game files in it but instead stores all of the add-ons for MS and 3rd parties Eg. C:\Games\MSFS\Community or (Your installed drive & folder)\MSFS\Official\OneStore.
All of your terrain/airport add-ons purchased ‘with’ the game will be here. 3rd party(Orbx etc) add-ons will have ‘Links’ to those 3rd party install folders in the Community directory.

You can move the main part where the executable stand (the small 1,4GB part) using Windows Settings->Application and select MSFS->Move, and then you can manually copy the big part (>100GB) where you want; When launching the sim after that, it will believe it have to re-download the big part. Just point where you copied the >100GB part and nothing will be downloaded and all will be good. I learned this the hard way when I misplaced my first loading :wink:

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