I Don't Use Rolling Cache Anymore

I’m building my second! Finally going to see what the latest CPU can do!

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Tbf most on here probably made all their mistakes years ago. However I still see a lot of mismatched rigs, understandable in many cases as upgrading a whole PC in one go can be uber expensive but there are still a few that keep making the same mistakes and keep wondering why they’re still stuck at LOD 50.

The CGA only supported the following graphics moded: 16 colours in 160 x 100 (unusable). 320 x 200 in 4 really ugly colours. 640 x 200 in black and one other colour.

Text mode you couldn’t play flight simulator, so the colour palette didn’t matter.

Launch price was $1,565 with 65k of ram. You could plug it into a TV. Floppy disks or cassette storage was extra. Anyone who wanted flight sim could just get an all-in-one computer/keyboard for less than half the price and better performance.

Yes you are correct about CGA. The discussion was about PCs 40 years ago. We used EGA at that time. I had forgotten. But as I said, colour in business wasnt an issue. As you will have noted from my post, I was specifically talking about the business PCs we bought and installed at that time. If I had paid 1500 bucks for one, I would have been fired.

As far as flight simulators are concerned, most home users will have used one of the many home computers that were available at that time. I had a Spectrum myself and moved on to a QL. Many people had other ones. Graphics were so good, there were all kinds of graphical packages on the market. I seem to recall one calked Rembrandt and one called Da Vinci.
40 years ago things were a lot more advanced then you seem to suggest.

Always off for me. It actually improves textures loading time, but that’s almost unnoticeable. When it’s on, stuttering in external view is quite annoying.

With all this talk, Im going to try the cache on again with default settings on my series x, see if I notice any difference as had it off for a while now, and its been smooth, but I do occasionally see a little pop in far away landscapes such as details on mountains, but it only happens if I quickly pan the camera.

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That’s just being pedantic.

For the time, no, no it wasn’t. Take it from someone who was ‘around at the time’

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What is the Topic Here ? Oh, I remember now, Rolling Cache.
Mine is OFF and has been OFF for over a year.


I have never used it. It is pointless for me and just takes up HD space. Im on a 250mbps connection, this fiber was worth every penny. I see others on here with even faster connections.

Oh, this is interesting!

Mine’s ON and set to 32GB. I have poor internet though. The only downside to living rural.