I dont want push back that fast

Hi guys…when i start any flight (on airliner), it aks already for push back right the way…is it possible to switch it off that i can peacefully do all my settings and ground services, look around etc…it puts me that “pressure” right the way to push back ans go…thanks

You likely have the AI assist ATC option on where it goes through really quickly. I honestly don’t turn that on until I’m in the air, so you should be able to toggle it off in the assist menu and do what you described (contact ground whenever you want, request pushback when ready)


After selecting the airport for departure, then select submenu and start at parking/gates. Then it is a cold dark start.


Ok…thanks guys…i will check it out…

BTW: It seems you are using the term “pushback” as for taking off. Pushback is what you do to get out from a parking/gate so you can continue taxi forward by your own engine.

no no, i really meant push back…