I dub thee

I dunno. MSFS 2020. Kind of long winded I think. I my tiny little mind I think there needs to be a link, a connection if you will, to the heritage of this sim. So I will henceforth will be dubbing this sim FSXXXX!
Less characters to type for one thing. MSFS 2020 is too complicated. I’m a simple man. But FSXXXX is so much easier. Less individual characters. True, in Roman numerals for this to be accurate it should read FSMMXX but it doesn’t really roll of the tongue and is more complicated to type. So, no matter what others choose to call it to me it’s going to be FSXXXX from now on :grin:

Ciao for now!
Capt Commendable!

I cannot completely agree with you at this stage. To me it is at the most MSFSrc1 - that’s what Microsoft should have called it.
By calling the sim/game (which is neither a complete game nor a complete sim at this time) MSFS, either on this forum or elsewhere (e.g. youtube, press articles, etc.) we are telling Microsoft that they have pulled the wool over our eyes. By refusing to call it anything other than MSFSrc1 (even if long-winded) we would be constantly reminding Microsoft, and telling everyone else, that it is not a finished product. :slightly_smiling_face:

i dub thee unforgiven.