I feel cheated

When I was in IRL flight training, I used to fly a Cessna 152. I never once had a dedicated ground crew member with a tug to push me back from my parking spot on the ramp. Now I feel like I missed out on something. MSFS has shown me that every GA small ramp spot should have a ground crew. I should give my old flight school a call and ask “WTF?”


Yeah, WTH! I’m considering flight school after this sim and I’ll be mad if my plane doesn’t spawn on the runway prechecked and everything, just parking brake on… :angry:


Even better if you have unlimited fuel

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It’s not just that, they are waiting for you apparently even in remote jungle strips which I am so happy about! I takeoff and land at remote places and almost every time the same ground crew is already there before me waiting to help me in. They are an amazing ground crew and I wouldn’t be able to fly without them.

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