I feel like the sound in the cockpit is too quiet, or too thin/lacking in low end?

I havent flown in a real plane but from watching videos, it does seem like most planes, particularly propeller planes, the cockpits noise lacks low end.

You can always just EQ the sound more to your liking.

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How exactly?


Depends on your system. Your audio driver may have an equalizer. If not, the amp driving your speakers or headphones may have an equalizer. If not, you can buy an inexpensive hardware equalizer and put it in your signal chain.

seems a bit overkill.

cant they just get the audio right?

Getting the audio ‘right’ is impossible for everyone as some want it realistic and some want there favorite sound LOUD.
Realistic is wind noise drowns all but toga engine sounds out in cockpit.
The sim desperately needs a decent mixer so everyone can be happy.
It’s way faster to set up decent headphones with a eq you like than to get any sim ac airborne!

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I have a speaker system with a subwoofer and most of the planes I fly sound AMAZING. Here are the speakers I have…Amazon.com: Logitech 980-000402-cr Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System (Renewed), One Size, Black : Electronics


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Then how would you know what it should sound like? I’m just asking because sounds in real life are different from production sounds because of equipment that is used to record it, for example, if someone used a $20 microphone or a $1000 microphone the quality of sound would be vastly different.

Your “right” is someone else’s “wrong”.

There are too many variables, especially the specific speakers or headphones you use. I have a set of headphones that are very neutral and most people would say the low-end is lacking. Yet I have another set with an exaggerated bass response. In both cases the audio source is the same so just add a way for you to equalize any audio source to your liking and you’ll be golden.

I have the same speaker set. They do sound amazing.

If you want MSFS to sound like REAL Planes, and “Blow your socks off” then you will need a BIG speaker system !!


Your $10 headset is not going to do that for you, or even small inexpensive PC speakers.

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Have you ‘headphone simulation’ turned on in the msfs sound settings? If so, and you want engines louder, turn it OFF. It simulates a pilot wearing noise cancelling headphones and so makes engine sounds weak. Worth a check.

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Go to options > general options > sound
Turn off headphone simulation and active spatial sound
apply and save

If you use VR put a cheap pair of sound protectors over your years with a bit of space over the VR speakers - full sound immersion.

the thing is, it’s not JUST lacking low end, it’s lacking low end relative to what I am used to.

I’m, saying, even for my headphones, its lacking low end.