I feel like this is a niche request, but I really really want aircraft render/draw distance to be increased dramatically

(for your own aircraft, not other players, although maybe that too, (it should be optional) At present, it’s set to maybe 2km, for small planes, and 10km for bigger planes.

It wouldn’t make much difference CPU wise if your plane could stay visible for a few more miles, it really breaks immersion for me to see my plane disappear so quickly when watching it through the mountains or go up into the clouds.

a program called range magic does that. There’s a link to the download and instructions somewhere on this forum.

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Somewhere on this forum =
Range Magic Tool - Long Distance Fading Fix for Airshows & other events by Flight Simulator Airshows - Third Party Addon Discussion / Tools & Utilities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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In my opinion your aircraft shouldn’t ever disappear in a ‘render distance’ way.

It should only disappear when further away than the meteorologic visabilty distance or the aircraft would be smaller than half a screen pixel when rendered. (unless obscured by something of course)

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Similar to this topic maybe?

But that Range Magic tool looks interesting, I’ll definitely check it out.


Ooh, good topic! I’ve voted for it because I’ve always thought the render distance too low.

Make sure you render both the exterior and interior models so both elements match the extended LOD’s.

As this duplicates an existing wish, please contribute to this topic: