I feel, this is the mood of the community

Blue sky by brent spiner

fly safe!

I would video embed but don’t know how.

Just paste the link directly into your post or add a hyperlink to some text.

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I would but all I get is:
“Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

I’ll figure it out perhaps :thinking:

Add a hyperlink to some text in your post. There is a small “hyperlink” button on the toolbar.

See this post concerning trust levels.
Once you reach TL2 you will be able to post links.

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Ah ok, I completely understand!

I’m not much of a talker so it might take me a while. Thanks for the info!

Edit: one question, it says enter # of topics. does that mean opening up a topic, or creating a topic?

Sorry, @Xendoshi… my colleague knows a bit more than I do about that. I learned something! Hope this helps!

I suspect opening a topic to read rather than create. We don’t want users to create 100 topics for the purpose of achieving TL2. That would be a mod’s nightmare!