I found Tower of Babel

It is located to the sourthwest of airport CO20.

Sadly you are not the only one with this problem.
The pesky things have popped up all over the world since the last update.
No doubt we will get a mini patch from Asobo when they return from the holiday.

Meanwhile I suggest we all embrace this Babelesque world for a little while!

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Southwest Virginia has so many heathen monuments that Rev Jerry Falwell would be apoplectic.


I’m using this time to make daytime location of my home airfield easy from long distance. Plus - if you look to the left, next to the larger stalagmite - you’ll find a “large screen” TV for viewing sporting events outdoors in our current “no indoor seating” environment. Thoughtful, all things considered.



All mod cons. It’s an ill wind …

while waiting for the next update the community did not rest on their laurels, here’s three packages that aim to fix some of these spikes

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Hey, appreciate the steer but I shall wait for Asobo to sober up and release a hotfix for this.
So many community fixes have caused more problems than they were designed to fix.
Though I take my hat off to them!


this is the big topic about

within the more correct category


O Canada …

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