I gave up on VR. All vr games work great except this one

I use oculus quest 1 with link and when i first tried vr in microsoft fly sim, i was able to play with a very nice performance. I have a Ryzen 5, 32 GB ram and a 3070 RTX.
But for the last 2 month it has become absolutly unplayable in vr. From one day to another. I have a tried every single trick and settings in this forum :adjusting windows settings, nvidia, power managment , task priorities… everything, nothing is working. even with the lowest in-game graphic settings and lowest resolution the experience is horrifying.
It is like playing a playstation 1 game where all the textures are flickering, massive stuttering and moving the head cause smearing. This happened as I mentioned from one day to antoher without modifying anything, I would blame windows update thinking that it might have messed something up, but it can’t be that because I can play all my other vr games in ultra setting.

Nothing works and I used to have a great experience. Any suggestions?


I hear you, I’m having the same experience, it would seem!


Cheers Nuchbutter.
How could it be so complicated to set vr in this game? we almost have to have a master degree in hardware to set it up. People very kindly are sharing hugh threads of how tweak even the priority in the task manager. It is crazy. We shouldn’t even have to worry about that in the first place because the game is supposed to support vr in the first place.

anyway…I hope they look into this seriously, because the main reason i bought this game is vr, and now it unplayable no matter what I try. Very disapointing


So I recently got Hp G2 and up until few flight ago I started to notice that my head tracking was off up to the point that being in cockpit view it would move me outside the aircraft suspended in the sky resetting camera help for a sec before I would get moved around again across all axis … I thought it may have to do something with my Vrs cameras as far as tracking but everything else WMR HOME OR STEAM VR is tracking smooth with MSFS it’s a hit or miss

Probably an Oculus thing, works seamlessly and very easily with WMR.


Oculus works just fine but it is too complicated to get it all working.

yes, i wonder why other games have it working right out of the box and with anything that isn’t WMR you need a masters degree to set it up… :unamused:

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You have a quest 1, so I’ve got no idea how that compares to my quest 2, but we have very similar rigs (I’m 5800x, 3070, 32GB 3200mhz, 500gb NVME M.2)

IMHO oculus is definitely part of the problem, there have been a lot of changes and updates recently (for the Q2 at least) so the tweaking required has changed. But the Q2 has improved no end, to be fair.

The trouble is, if you have fettled a lot of stuff under the hood of your PC, it’s going to be tricky to identify where the smaller issues are coming from (I’m lucky in that my rig is just for FS2020 so I can totally reset and reinstall if I need to)

In short, I would suggest:

Don’t use Oculus Tray Tool, use the oculus debug tool - OTT was causing me issues and instability, and you have to set the settings each time you enter VR anyway. So if you drop out of VR to change something in 2D, you have to deselect and reselect “ASW disabled”
Which brings me to the next point:

ASW gives me a whole load of nauseating artefacts and wobbles in VR, so I just keep it off. Period.

I’d next suggest game mode on, hardware accelerated graphics on, reset nvidia control panel to default. This is just to give you a stable baseline to work from again.

Then, simply, I’d recommend following this post’s setup instructions and let us know how it goes.

Do it all, if you pick and choose the in-sim settings, you’re not helping yourself. Get it down to a stable baseline, then push the settings from there.

Let us know how you get on, I’ll be happy to help further if I can? Don’t give up - VR is totally worth it!

Thanks for the tips.
Yeah, that is what i mean…I did follow that post and others like it. But I got tired fo spending hours and hours doing that kind of stuff. Thanks for the tips though.
I also think that oculus is part of the problem, but only for this specific game. I don’t have any problem with the rest of games. So if it is occulus messing things up with updates and stuff under the hood, in my experience it is only affecting this game…
Anyway, if i find myself without any thing better todo, i might give it another shot. For now I’ll drop it.

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I totally understand you.
I’m using Reverb G2 with RTX3080 and i have messed with settings more than flying.
Reading and watched Youtube with all tips and tricks.
Sometimes it works perfect and suddenly it becames a stutterfest with 10fps.
Oxr (reprojection) works sometimes and sometimes it freezes and crash.
Let us hope that Microsoft, Asobo, Nvidia and other software developers find solutions in the future because i love flying and racing in VR.

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Disable ASW using OTT or debug tool. It hasn’t worked correctly with MSFS since the UK world update.

Glass cockpit aircraft perform poorly in VR and in general. Cessna 152 performs great in VR.

With a 3070 I have in game rendering at 90% and supersampling at 1.3 using OTT. Performance with the TBM and DA62 is acceptable, C152 is excellent and perfectly smooth.

Don’t use ASW. If the ASW issue isn’t fixed with the next sim update I’ll be giving up and cancelling the gamepass (again).

Totally agree, mines working but man it’s been a tough road. Take literally any other game I own and you switch it on and play.


Flight simulators, at least ones that are trying to recreate the world below you for miles, the weather above you, and model every force on an airplane…are a different breed than regular games.

X-Plane is just as painful. Believe it or not I’ve almost stopped playing X-plane in favor of MSFS because I have more issues with X-Plane VR. I would encourage those complaining about MSFS to load up X-Plane and compare. Each one does some things better than the other.

Aerofly is a great smooth VR experience but its an empty world. No ATC, no traffic, simple weather, very limited autogen below you. But even with my 2070 super I get a smooth 50 fps in VR.

I think so far the MSFS VR development has outpaced when it was new to X-Plane, which is its primary competitor. Not to say that I am pleased either, but just some perspective.

I totally disagree. I don’t have any problems in xplane using a rift s or quest 2. Msfs 2020 in vr is not possible with both vr-devices. CTD

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I use and it appears to work just fine.

I’ve had to disable ASW since World Update 3. Before that update it worked fine and I’ve tested this on 2 different PCs, one is a brand new 5600x 3070 build.

Can I ask which aircraft you are using and if you are Intel or AMD?

ASW only works if I pause the sim, otherwise the image breaks up like an exaggerated screen tearing effect when I move my head.

I’ve got the G2, an old-ish CPU and a 2080Ti and VR works fine in both X-Plane and MSFS. True, XP works with less fiddling, and is smoother in stock form - but that is definitely in large part because it just naturally looks like garbage compared to MSFS. If I try to use something like XEnviro or some other package to make it look, say, half as good as MSFS, it turns into a stutterfest that’s as bad if not worse than MSFS with typical settings.

For MSFS, the various setup threads had for me more than enough tips and tricks to get something I’m happy with. The REAL trick to me is that once you get to something that’s “good enough”, STOP FIDDLING and just fly. It’s true you can get lost in the process of trying to get every last bit of smoothness out of it. I knew I had gone too far when I created a huge spreadsheet with all variables, labeled with config codes that I then referred to in an ever growing document with additional notes … the joy was gone at that point. Took a small break, then came back to settings that were pretty good and just stuck with those. Done. That approach worked for me, but of course YMMV …

Jeff1969C, Can you eleborate on what ‘old-ish CPU’, ‘happy with’, ‘good enough’ exactly means? Do you use OpenXR reprojection and get a stable >22.5fps on high settings?

Also, can someone tell me what ASW means. I read it all over the place, not a single time in full spelling :slight_smile:

ASW is the Oculus motion smoothing tech. Asynchronous Warp.

So, I have a 10900K and an RTX3090, and now MSFS is running pretty decent with my G2. A little stuttering here and there, mostly close to the ground but I can live with that. In the meantime I almost only fly MSFS and no longer X-Plane, although I still bought a lot of airport sceneries and planes for X-Plane at Christmas. I don’t need what feels like a thousand plugins or OrbX to make it look good. Start MSFS, put on your glasses and take off (all settings on high or ultra). But I can’t imagine that the MSFS would work properly without a 3090, at least not in that state or with compromises in the graphics.