I give up, i take back all that i said, and an update

Yeah, what a disappointment! I’m giving up on this game for now. I tried to play for a few hours yesterday, but most of that time was spent waiting for the game to reload after crashing.

What Salem978 said.

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Yes, it does indeed look like that, it would also explain one of only two other CTD’s which was directly after SU8 but then all ok a couple of days later

The AP wouldn’t have set the flaps, so perhaps you had some other controller doing this?

I had a quick flip through a DA62 POH I found, and although I can see that it has three flap settings, I couldn’t see any angles listed. Perhaps the flaps were somehow set to an angle that is impossible with cockpit controls, and probably not even animated to such a degree?

My error and sincere apologies - i typed flaps when i meant trim, I have corrected the post now.

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I don’t use it anymore. I’ve got text to speech turned off in the options.

Is it less realistic? Of course, but I don’t have ATC squawking at me to ascend when I know that I need to start my descent.


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