I give up; it's useless seriously

For one it usually takes at least three attempts to launch; forcing me to sit through the ‘checking for updates’ each time; when it finally does nothing I can do and no joystick I try works.

Sorry MS you got a rookie team to do this and it shows. Too much emphasis on how great the world looks and not enough on getting the basics right. Bring back the old FS team at least they knew what they were doing.

I’ve uninstalled it and given up. At least if a car or something acts up like this from new you can take it back; or force them to make it work. Why is it software is like a car with only 3 wheels out of 4 fitted; it’s like going to a car dealer and they say “sorry we’ll give you the other wheel later,” you wouldn’t accept it and nor should it be acceptable with software.


If this were true, we’d all have the same problem. Which we don’t. Maybe you try to check your own basics?


Have you actually downloaded the game…?
You realize its 95gb game, wait for it to download

You need to double clink your MOUSE POINTER directly over the PRESS HERE TO START, for both installing…and afterwards, to bring the sim to the first Welcome screen. The ‘trigger’ to move past that screen seems to be over that sentence…but takes two actions…two presses of your left mouse button. I do that…and it works each and every time to initialize the sim to the Welcome Menu…

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Wondering there are a lot of peoples complaining the new sim, when MS stop develop MSFS for the past 13 years, people complaining MS abandon the sim but now MS bring back the sim, people complaining MSFS2020 this and that… What actually they want… As part of the sim communities, we should play our roles to feedback those gaps to MS and request them to improve it and make the sim become a strong and better platform for all of us…

We should appreciate MS to bring a new future platform with new technologies embedded into this sim, please kindly allow them to fix those issue.

Let’s be honest & ask our self, when benchmark the default scenery to others sim… what do you think…


No really? Wouldn’t have guessed since it took over 8 hours to download. Duh.

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You said you uninstalled, I assume you got a refund too. I had to call the MS number to get through to them for my refund.

It took me 12hrs to download and it all works fine. It’s not the software - it’s something about your system or your BB connection.


I’d like to be able to bloody play it. I never complained about the old versions. For my money 2004 was awesome.

This is for me unplayable. Why doesn’t any stick/pedal combi I’ve used work? Why isn’t TrackIR supported?

Don’t tell me to “check my basics” because I have, you think working with pcs for 11 years didn’t teach me a thing or two?

I don’t have any issues with the same sticks and pedals in other games. They were much cheaper than the RRP for this and all work fine out of the box.

And fyi guys read the forums, there seems to be a lot of people with joystick problems. They can’t all be at fault.


I can’t speak to your joystick issues but I have three friend that are using the TrackIR
just fine.


I am using TrackIR with MSFS since I launched it for the first time on the morning of release. I didn’t even have to edit any setting, just started TrackIr and it worked.

It’s increasingly hard not to assume that you are making things up or simply have a general issue getting stuff to work on your computer.


I’ve also been using TrackIR since launch and there hasn’t been a single issue.


You can’t bind functions to your joystick and pedals? If Windows recognizes them they should work in MSFS i believe. What type of joystick you have? Also TrackIR is supported. You seem very confident but maybe you’re doing something wrong? Or is that possibility out of the question for you?

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Wish I could help you get it going :frowning:

It is really good, at least from what I’ve seen flying Cessna only.

One fellow on YouTube did a comparison on what it will/would take to bring X-Plane and FSX up to the current level of FS-2020. For x-Plane, it was in the 12-1400 dollar range, and FSX was more than that and still the graphics would not be as clear.

If you take FSX, and go to the PMDY (Midway, Island) and look at that location, and then take FS-2020 and look at that location, well I rest my case. I could not download the beta no matter what I tried, and I was approved for it. It took me 3 days to get the Download of this one to start. Once it started it was 19 hours or so for it to be complete. Once I started it, I had no issues. The “press any key to start” does not work “with any key” only placing the mouse over that sentence makes it work. You got to be at least as smart as the simulator to get it to work.

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TrackIR needs its game list to be updated, you can do this from within TrackIR application. No settings needed in MSFS.

Sticks and pedals may not have a preset in MSFS, you’ll need to set them up yourself from control settings in MSFS.


The devs are aware of issues and planning an update to fix them. Just need to wait a little longer for the update and hopefully all will be working for those with issue’s It must be a compatibility issue or a download issue with certain hardware or software and some of it could be the users end with the problem.
I would also be annoyed if I spent all that money to not be able to use the product. But atleast give them chance to fix the issue before writing it off.
Even if an issue pops up on a car which warrants a recall the company would need time to work on a fix. Sometimes issue appear during or after release.

I feel sorry for those with issue’s but personally and lucky for me it has worked fine so far.

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No, it doesn’t. You only download predefined profiles by updating, which you may not even like. If you already have a profile you are feeling comfortable with, it is entirely unnecessary to update. Names of these profiles don’t even matter. No need to bother.

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The client has chrashed for me 5 times in as many hours, and it’s still not att 50% downloaded, on a 100mbps line that always max out on Steam…
Bloody joke. How is it even possible that one of the largest software companies in the world releases such garbage?

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No. It is not and you are not right.
I have a brand new computer with much more that it is required, 40 Mbps download speed, several top of the line games except MSFS 2020 which does not load.

So, just check how many people there are with installation problems. I consider it as an
abusive and shameful attempt from MS to sell something with real real problems.

Shame on you.

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